Rental Companies and Lighting-Migis Lodge S. Casco

I am looking for a rental company that will come in and put up christmas light-esque lighting in the trees outdoors at our venue.  I wouldn't mind renting some other decor as well.  The BIGGEST thing is to be able to find someone to set it up because I really don't want to put my guests to work the day of. Has anyone done this? Know of any companies? Also, I would totally buy the lights [provide other decor] and just hire some able bodied people from the area. Has anyone done that or know anyone?  

Re: Rental Companies and Lighting-Migis Lodge S. Casco

  • not sure what kind of people you'd get responding... but have you thought of posting an add on craigslist? someone might be willing to do that for a couple hours (or how ever long it may take) to make a few extra $- just meet with them ahead of time to make sure they would be a responsible person, and make sure you meet in a public place.    just a thought... hope it helps!
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