Hello and Venue Questions!

Hello All!  I am new to the board.  I will be visting a few venue choices next week and just want to get reviews and suggestions on a few of them. We are looking to do a cocktail reception with about 100-115 guest in late July or first weekend in August.We are also open to Fridays.  Our family is from out of town and have never met so we figure a cocktail reception will be short and sweet and just enough time for everyone to meet and greet. So....

Stanley House?  Since my budget is extremely small, this venue has it all and provides but.. the 18th century decor concerns me....

Fanti Events in Suwanne?  Again, pricing is the one of the most attractive details

Roswell River Landing?

Charming Chapel??? The prices are so affordable looks small form the pictures.

I know amost of my questions will be answered when I see these places but I wanted to get some ideas and comments from fellow brides-to-be.

All information is appreciated!

Re: Hello and Venue Questions!

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    Hi to you!
    I am not really familiar with many of these venues, but a Knottie from this board got married at the River Landing in Roswell and her wedding is featured in the new edition of The Knot magazine. Page her and I am sure she can fill you in!

    HTH and GL!
    I wonder if Prince William and Kate are registered at Target?
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    I'm the one PP mentioned that got married at RRL.

    Here's a link to some of my pictures if you're interested. I can try to answer venue questions too if you have any.
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    You were a beautiful bride!  Your pics are gorgeous!  My only concern with RL is the space.  How many attended your wedding? How did you feel about the decor?  Overall, how was your experience?  I want that outdoor feel and love the river background

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    We had about 100 at the wedding and there was plenty, plenty of room. 

    I liked the decor in the sense that it was essentially a blank canvas. I did a ton of decorating, as you can see. But I probably would have done a ton of decorating anywhere. I had a vision.

    I chose RRL because of the price, the fact that I was allowed to bring in all of my own vendors and the indoor/outdoor option.

    Overall it was a great experience for what you get. I've seen people pay way more elsewhere and get less.
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    I am also looking to have my wedding st the RRL. I am a little nervous about planning the entire thing my self(ceremony, decor and logistics) Does any one have any tips towards planning?!
  • Amy thank you for posting the links to your pics. I am also looking at at getting married at the RRL and was interested in seeing what you could do with the place. Do you mind sharing some of your vendors?
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