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Newbie - Just Engaged 11/11/11 & date is set!

Hi Ladies,

I'm new on this board, and started reading some of the things you all have accomplished and makes me feel better about starting to plan and getting my things in order! I sometimes feel like I'm getting ahead of myself lol! FI and I got engaged in Disney on 11/11/11 and have chosen to get married May 11, 2013. We would love to be able to do it next year but unfortunately I'm a budget bride and need to save every penny from here to then plus DIY a ton of stuff! (Which I totally don't mind I LOOVE crafts!)

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself really quick and I hope to get to know you girls as we all approach our big day!  
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Re: Newbie - Just Engaged 11/11/11 & date is set!

  • Congrats and Welcome!!!! I am DIY bride too... Cant wait to see the things you come up with! Happy Planning!!!
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  • Hi! I got engaged at the same date, and we are looking in May 2013 as well! You sound like you are in the same boat as me - we were going to do May 2012 at the courthouse.

    I started looking around and decided I'd rather wait and have a ceremony and reception, so I am planning a lot of DIY too.
    Glad to know I'm not alone Smile
  • Congratulations and welcome :-) I wish I was crafty enough to be a DIY bride, but I am so inept when it comes to new ideas and creativity :-b  My mother is a big help for me though cause she used to do crafts for people's wedding favors, pillows, baskets, hairpieces, centerpieces, etc.!
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  • hi!! congrats! i'll be somewhat of a DIY bride as well! do you have a theme or anything yet? have fun planning!!
  • HI :) Our date is May 19th, 2013. 

    What do you have planned so far?

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    Congrats on your engagement & welcome!!!

  • Congrats and welcome!
  • Congrats! Welcome to the board!
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  • Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!! =)

    I love crafts so I'm very excited to start on my DIY projects! We don't have mych planned yet but we started looking at a few venues this past weekend. Unfortunately we will be out of town starting Friday so I'll have to pick up my search the following Saturday. I think I found a reception venue I like assuming that we cannot find a place that allows us to have both the ceremony and reception in the same venue. We are planning for an outside ceremony (fingers crossed that it wont rain). I'm really excited amout our wedding date because it happens to be my paternal grandparent's anniversary! =) 

    So between the fact that I'm a budget bride and a DIY'er I'm planning on ordering our "G" initial cake topper some time this month and start to glue the rinestones on it. (I can't even handle how much these actually cost even on etsy!) Also probably in January or February I'm going to start making tissue pomanders because I want some to line the aisle for the ceremony, as a pom for the flower girl, and half pomanders as napkin rings (I need 120...yikes lol) so I figured I would get started on that =)
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    Hi May 2013 ladies, I am a May 2012 bride, and just wanted to give one piece of advice as you all seem to be setting your dates! Congratulations!

    My advice is take into consideration when Mother's Day falls (May 12, 2013) and I say that because some of the May 2012 ladies have had a lot of problems with florists in small towns, refusing weddings on the same weekend as Mother's Day. A lot of the ladies have moved to DIY if they did not book early enough or ran into problems, or are paying a premium for certain flowers. I recommend booking early so you don't run into any of the stress I saw the 2012 ladies run into.

    Happy planning!
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