Bridal Shower location ideas

My sister is getting married next year out in Chicago but most of her friends and future in-laws family are in the Cambridge, MA area.  I live in CT and have no idea where to start looking.  Looking for a fun location that is in the Cambridge area that isn't too expensive (no idea how many people yet probably around 50) and has catering included (but will let us bring in cupcakes).  The shower will be Feb 23rd (the bride and MOH are both doctors and it's the only time they are free!).  

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Re: Bridal Shower location ideas

  • Not sure about the cupcake thing but here are some ideas:

    John Harvard's Brew House in Harvard Square
    Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square
    Park (not sure if they do events) in Harvard Square
    Amelia's Trattoria in Kendall
    Kendall Hotel (they have a private room)
    Sheraton Commander in Harvard Square
    Daedalus in Harvard Square
    Asgard in Central Square

  • It's hard to find places that aren't too expensive for big groups in Cambridge. Maybe Christopher's in Porter Square? They have a room at top, but I'm not sure if the layout would work--but you should check it out.

    The other option might be to branch out into Arlington... lots of restaurants down Mass. Ave. that might be more affordable. I think all of the options listed above would be expensive.

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    Thanks for your recommendaitons.  Any suggestions for anything that's within a 15-20 minute drive from Cambridge is fine (especially if it means finding a good place that isnt' too expensive).  Thanks again!! :-)

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  • I think Harvest in Harvard Square has a private dining room.  You might also check out the North End - I've heard Mama Maria's is good for large parties.  Maggianos downtown could also work.  Another idea is Joe's American Bar & Grille on the Waterfront isn't more than a 20 minute drive and has a nice private room (overlooking the water) that will easily fit 50 people.  It isn't too expensive either with family style options (we're doing our rehearsal dinner there).  The menu isn't very shower-esque, but maybe they can work with you.  

  • Check ut gaslight in the south end. Saturday ams are usually quiet and they have a semi private room, and reasonable costs for brucnch. The town of Arlington has an antique house next to Town Hall that is vey nice and might work-although you would have to bring in your own catering.
  • Our go to place for showers is Exchange Street Bistro in Malden, MA. They are very affordable, and they let you bring your own cake. Their drinks are delicious, too.
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  • Check out Doyle's Cafe in Jamaica Plain. Their backroom holds up to 75 ppl and their prices are pretty reasonable. I think they start at like 19 or so pp. I hope you find a great place :)
  • They also have three parking lots which is why we decided to host my cousin's bday party there. Not sure if any of your guests are driving. but parking in the city is hard, lol.
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