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wedding vendor vent.....got a little long

So, our wedding was end of May, final vendor payment to videographer was due by 7/31.  We mailed said final payment on July 28th to make sure it'd get there by the 31st to avoid late fees.  Check bank statement every week and see that said check still isn't cashed.  Email vendor to follow up, and am told they don't have any record of ever receiving it, so send a new one.  Fine, thankfully stop payment requests are free for this month for me (otherwise it costs like $30 each time to process....ish) so I anticipate sending a new check out this week. 

This isn't really what even irks me (though having to deal with wedding stuff 3 months after the fact is irritating, esp when it should have been cashed about a month ago if it had been my business....and I hate hate hate having that money just "floating" with no idea when they plan on finally cashing it) but the thing that irriates me the most is that vendor said "and don't worry about paying any late fees"   uh, no s$*! sherlock, you better believe I'm not paying late fees.  It's your responsibility to cash the dammed thing NOT MINE. grrr

I wouldn't be this irritated if we hadn't dealt with a similar thing back in April.  We booked our cake vendor LAST April; paid the deposit.  They didn't cash said deposit until April of THIS year....yes, one day before the 1 year mark on the deposit check is when they finally cashed it.  

Geez, this crap is really irritating and really leaves a bad taste in my mouth as far as self-responsibility.  I realize stuff gets lost in the mail, but if you haven't seen a payment that had a firm deadline -- wouldn't you have thought to follow-up and not wait to be reminded to cash a check or find out the status on a final payment???  Take care of your crap, vendors!!!!  ....... I think I'm pms'ing

Re: wedding vendor vent.....got a little long

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    I know the feeling!  We had issues with many of our vendors.  Even now after the wedding, we are dealing with stuff. I mean everyone has one job, and no one seems to get it right!
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