Reasonable Venues in Baltimore

Is there such a thing?

I have been looking and looking.  I only got engaged last week and everyone keeps telling me how behind I am.  We are getting married July 2011 and our budget is $18,000.  We are hopeing to have about 225 guests.  Is this unrealistic?  I need some professional advice...


Re: Reasonable Venues in Baltimore

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    On the knot they have a good amount of venues that can hold a varitey of people. Having 225 people is going to be the bulk of your cost to feed everyone. I looked at places that included food and alcohol for one price. You can look at hotels. I know the Sheraton in Towson offered a variety of packages at different prices and their ballroom can hold up to 300 or so people.

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    For a non-hotel venue, I highly recommend The Engineer's Club.  It's all inclusive, so the upfront price is high, but they take care of space, food, alcohol, linens, furniture, etc.  The only hiccup might be your guest list size: we're only having about 150, but I think they can do a larger event.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "Baltimore" but honestly, I don't think you're going to find much in that budget downtown or close to downtown. Your guest list size rules out most non-hotel options (I know, I had 260 and was determined to have it near the harbor) and all the hotel options I looked at are going to be way more than your budget.

    However, if you're looking into the suburbs in Baltimore county, there are a lot of nice venue options that I've seen on this board. I don't remember them all, so hopefully some more people will chime in. It would help if you gave a few more details about what you'd like.
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