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How to wear this pin (WR)

This post is a bit advice request and a bit AW.

Last week my aunt sent me a family heirloom that I want to wear for my wedding. It is the pin that my great-grandfather gave my great-grandmother  when they got engaged in the 20s. 

I am not sure how or where to wear it and i am hoping you ladies can help. The pin is very narrow but about 3" long. I am considering wearing it on the strap of my dress, on a ribbon in my hair, or on a ribbon sash. I'm also open to other suggestions. My dress looks like this:

Hair and jewerly are still TBD and can be made to work around whatever decision I make about the pin.  
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Re: How to wear this pin (WR)

  • I have one I am going to pin on the ribbon wrapped around my bouquet.
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  • I really like the idea of wearing it in your hair!
  • I like the hair idea, or the strap idea, depending on how wide it is compared to your strap. If you put it at the seam where your strap meets your dress, and they are similar widths, then I think it would be a beautiful, understated embellishment. 
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  • I had my great-grandmothers pin with all of her children's birthstones in it. I pinned it to the ribbon of my bouquet because I didn't really know what else to do with it. I had it just low enough that quite a few people noticed it. 

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  • I like the ide of it in your hair.  It could be interesting to wear as a bracelet, you'd just need to attach a small chain to wrap around your wrist.  Or, I like Sarah's idea with the strap of your dress.

    Would you wear it at your waist without the ribbon?  I think it'd be pretty just pinned to your dress. 
  • DMill, I love that pin! That's such a sweet idea.

    Celtic, I would either pin it to your bouquet, or on your dress.  Depending on how much hair you have/how you do your hair, I think it's small enough that it might just get lost in the mass of hair and not really be noticeable. 
  • Celtic, are you wearing a veil?  It might be really pretty right at the base of the veil, you know the part that pins into your hair.
  • Thanks, LP!
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  • I like the idea of the bouquet in theory but I think i want it to be more noticeable. 

    I'm mildly concerned about damaging the dress by pinning it directly to the fabric but it's not like I am going to wear it again. Wearing it at my waist is sort of ideal because I feel like it will then have a lesser impact on the rest of my jewelry decisions.

    This is what i was thinking roughly for wearing it in my hair. No veil. I'm meeting with my hair guru on Wednesday and can figure the exact style then.
    ribbon with pin

    Thanks for the feedback. 
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    Also, because I almost always have sigs off and go by avatars and yours looks like a centerpiece.  I really thought you were already married.  Embarassed
  • That pin's beautiful.

    Depending on how the dress is constructed, it could be pretty pinned vertically right at the base of the V-neck.  I also like the idea of pinning it directly on the waist of the dress.

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    [QUOTE]Also, because I almost always have sigs off and go by avatars and yours looks like a centerpiece.  I really thought you were already married. 
    Posted by pirategal03[/QUOTE]

    <div>That's kind of my centerpiece inspiration. I am not a fan of putting my own pics up and I didn't want a generic Knot avatar. The one I use on another forum (see below) was too squished to really see on here so this was the best I have found so far. </div><div>
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