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My flower girl will be a week away from turning two years old on the day of the wedding.  I want to give her a special keepsake as she is my fiance's niece.  I would like to give her a piece of jewelry, possibly a necklace or ring with her birthstone that she can wear in a few years.  Is this appropriate or do you have any other ideas? 

Re: Gift for Flower Girl

  • I love this idea, I'm actually thinking about doing the same thing.
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  • Your heart is in the right place, but let's be real. She won't remember being your flower girl, even when looking at the necklace. I'd suggest saving your money and showing her pictures when she's older.
  • I think doing a keepsake for this sort of thing can be really sweet.  For jewelry it would be hard, for me, to decide whether to get something small enough for her to wear now (or even in 5 years) vs. something she could have as an adult.  Our niece is very into jewelry and dressing up (she's 7 but it was true when she was 3 also) so we've gotten her some nice jewelry over the years that she enjoys now.

    Whatever you decide to do on the keepsake front I'd make sure to give her a small gift that she'll enjoy NOW also.  She's too young to really *get* what a keepsake is, so a toy will make her feel more special now in the moment.
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