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Need Venue Input

Has anyone heard or does anyone know anything about House On The Hill or The Page House? I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck and these two venues interest me for different reasons.

Also what are the best bridal shops? I don't have a huge dress budget but don't want to deal with bad service because of it.

Thanks for any help you can give guys!
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Re: Need Venue Input

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    I don't think because a place sells cheaper dresses that you are going to get bad service. In fact, some of the more expensive places tend to act like they are too good to be selling you dresses. Where ever you go... having a positive outlook will make the people helping you want to serve you better... Everyone likes people who smile and make the best out of what they can do! :)
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    Hi Sunshine,

    House on the Hill is the first venue that we visited when we started looking.  It is a great venue, however for our 100 guests, it was just too small to fit everyone inside for dinner (and for the ceremony in case of rain). I also wanted to find a venue where the dining & dancing took place all in one space. Depending on your guest list size though, it could be perfect, plus you can get accommodations on site.

    We visited 13 or 14 venues and ended up going with The Mansion at the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs. It was a very close race between there and The Caswell house. The Mansion won because of the extra space that was available.

    As far as bridal shops go, I'd highly recommend David's Bridal. I went to the store near 183 & my consultant was Molly. She was so helpful, even when I tried every dress on in the store they had in my size! Many of the dresses were very affordable too. If you don't need a dress right away, Vera Wang's line ($600 - $1,000) will be in David's Bridal in February.
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    I went to the page house in high school for a banquet but that was 5 years ago so it has probably changed some since then. We were all outside because there was 100+ people but it was a really pretty place. I doubt they have a rain plan, unless you're having a very small wedding. It is right off of 35 but I don't remember it being noisy. I would definitely check it out if you are interested.

    I got my dress at alfred angelo. I didn't want to spend TONS of money on a dress I'd only wear for a couple hours...but I still wanted to love it, you know? Alfred Angelo had dresses from $99-2000+. I had a good experience there and got my dress and alterations for under $500. The alterations lady was really nice there! My dress is there right now getting steamed actually!
  • laleighmoorelaleighmoore member
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    The only info I have on either venue is what they emailed me about a year ago.

    As far as dresses go I have yet to purchase mine and I intend to buy secondhand anyway BUT I can tell you about my experience so far.

    I really enjoyed the service received from Balina bridal and their prices are the lowest I have seen. I went to Hou last weekend and tried on a dress, I was told if I waitined until Oct they would have a 15% off sale. When I called Balina about the same dress they had already sold their sample but were offering 20% off JUST BECAUSE.

    That actually makes the dress's price new ab the same as secondhand! But in my case the alterations would blow the budget.

    In my experience Balina has beaten the price on every store in Austin and Hou that I have visited. I recommend going there for sure.

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  • sheadaysheaday member
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    The Page House is very affordable but you have to use their in house caterer and looking at the info they gave me, the food sounded very bland. Plus the venue looks a little outdated.
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    i looked at the page house in jan..did not like it..they have a dog and cat that stay there...also the ladys son lived in the house out back..wasnt a good place at all..the lady lives upstairs at the house..
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    I can't help you with the venues, but I can tell you about the bridal salons I visited - I went to a ton!
    My favorites were:
    Belle Saison had a huge selection I thought and the saleswoman was extremely helpful and I actually fell in love with a dress here but when I did a quick search on the dress after leaving the store I found it for up to $300 cheaper at other bridal salons.

    Alfred Angelo had a really good selection as well and the dresses were really reasonably priced, I showed up without an appointment and they had no problem helping me and I was there for about an hour trying on dresses.

    Signature Bridal Salon in Bee Caves was also had a bigger selection and their prices seemed pretty reasonable.

    I didn't really care for Unbridaled - they advertise that they have dresses for
    the uncommon bride and a diverse selection and many lower priced dresses but I didn't really find that to be the case. I knew I didn't want a strapless dress and all I told them was that my budget was under $1000 and they had very few dresses for me to try on and all of them were right around $1000 nothing really lower than that. 
    Serendipity Bridal seemed to be out of my price range and the saleswoman that assited me told me a couple of times that I wouldn't like a certain style so she didn't even pull it for me to try on which annoyed me a little.

    I rambled a bit but HTH!

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  • SarahPLizSarahPLiz member
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    I got my dress at Alexia Gavela, and the experience was awesome! I've been to the David's here several times with friends, so I didn't even go there when I shopped. One trip to AG was all I needed. They rock!
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  • may2005may2005 member
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    Sunshine, how many guests do you plan to invite?  I had my wedding at the Caswell House which was a very pretty venue and quite reasonably priced.  For the size of my wedding, we also were able to have a dance there.  They do let you use any caterer you wish plus bring in your own alcohol, which saved us alot of money.

    I used David's Bridal.  My gown was reasonably priced, but I was very unhappy with the quality and price of their alterations.  (The alterations, which were simple, cost more than the dress.)  I don't recommend anyone getting alterations done from them, but the quality of my dress was fine.

    I've heard nothing but raves about Alexia Gavella (sp?)

  • laleighmoorelaleighmoore member
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    I second Richelle's comment on Unbridaled. We went there a couple weeks ago and the staff was nice but the dress selection was limited. I was shocked how small the store was! Prices weren't very affordable especially considering it was a sample sale.
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  • Sunshine1224Sunshine1224 member
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    Our max is 50 people but it looks like we will have about 35. Its my second wedding but also on Christmas Eve. We are anticipating only very close friends and family.

    We really only wanted appetizers and cake as far as food goes. So no alcohol or intensive catering will be necessary.

    I didn't mean that a low budget automatically meant bad service lol...I just have heard from friends the trouble they went through finding dresses below a certain price. Again, second wedding so not wanting to over do it.

    I really appreciate the input. Never heard of the Caswell House but am about to look it up. Thanks!
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