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help: i need good questions to ask at my 1st venue visit sunday

hi i need help making a list of questions to ask on my 1st venue trip this weekend?

Re: help: i need good questions to ask at my 1st venue visit sunday

  • Ask price per person including tax and gratuity alot of venues will give you prices w/o making it seem cheaper but its not. Ask about what is included in the price as far as cutting cake costs,linens,tables,tips for servers,how many weddings do they have at a time.If cake is included I would also ask if you will get any money refunded if you chose another bakery and its also a good time to ask if you can have a tasting before. Many like having a tasting before booking because then you know if the food is good or not. I would also ask if there is a bridal attendant to help you on your wedding day. Pretty much ask them anything that comes to mind even in hypothetical situations.
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  • In addition to what pp mentioned ask them about cork fees in the event you are allowed to bring your own alcohol. Ask them when you would need to provide a final count as well.
  • I just recently got engaged and visited my first venue like you. My mom and Sis were extremely helpful:
    1. Handicap accessible?
    2. Maitre D' for the night?
    3. OT and how is that calculated?
    4. Do you allow food (cookies..) and alcohol in?  Cork Fee?
    5. Do you offer a tasting and if so is it prior to booking?
    6. Do you offer a card box ?
    7. Can the price be adjusted to remove food?  (some cocktail hours are too much!)
    8. Do you have preferred vendors?
    9.If Cocktail is suggested to be outside, find out where it would be moved weather permitting?
    10. Max capacity of the rooms you are looking at?
    11. Are there DJ restrictions?  (equipment, uplighting- if place doesn't supply)
    12. How many weddings can be held at one time (if more than 2, possiblitiy of less attention to yours)

    Hope this helps :)

  • A lot of places won't lower their price per person for you BUT you can negotiate extra things into the package. Ask for extras! See how far you can get them to budge. Some good things to ask for include: extra food during cocktail hour including more passed apps, nicer liquors/beers, wine service during dinner (this is good!), entree upgrades (like a filet instead of another steak, crab cake instead of salmon, etc).
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