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Who pays for brides travel at a destination bachelorette party?

Should the maid of honor be expected to pay for all the expenses for the bride such as her travel and lodging for a destination bachelorette party?

Re: Who pays for brides travel at a destination bachelorette party?

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    I think it's nice if everyone going OFFERS to pay for the bride, but that is certainly not mandatory and it's definitely not solely the MOH's job to foot the bill for the bride.
  • Nope. Destination b parties are a financial burden on everyone involved. Let the bride pay for herself.
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  • No, the bride should expect to pay for herself.

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  • The MOH pays for it only if she offers. Sometimes the bridesmaids all chip in. But if no one offers, then it's on the bride to pay for herself especially if the trip was her idea.
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    [QUOTE]<strong>The trip shouldn't BE the bride's idea. </strong>It's up to the wedding party to tell the bride they can't swing that.
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    The bride can't even make suggestions?
  • A few years ago, my girl friend decided she wanted to go to Lucky Chang's in NYC for her bachelorette party (dinner and drag show for those who haven't heard of the place).  She chipped in for the hotel room in the city (she even chipped in more after the P-I-A bridesmaid, now an ex-friend, backed out at the last minute), but we covered her meal and drinks at Lucky Chang's.

    I think if the bride wants a destination, she should chip in a bit (such as lodging or transportation), but if she doesn't want to chip in for those things, then she doesn't get a destination. 

    I've talked to my MOHs and said I'd like to do a piano bar in Boston for my Bachelorette and it would be easier to stay in the city for the evening, so I plan on chipping in for a hotel. 
  • I can tell you that I am personally having a destination bachelorette party.  We are going to Miami and the flights were reasonable for our area and in budget for most people.  Because it's a destination, I know that not everyone can make it and I'm expecting it to be a small group (probably 10 girls out of the 35 invited).  I'm paying/paid for my flight.  Since we are all most likely sharing hotel rooms, I'm assuming that I will pay for my share as well.  So I would think that drinks/dinner might be split amongst the other girls, but I'm not expecting it.
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