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...confusion....need ideas

So we want to do a touch of steampunk for our wedding (without over doing it) but we also want to have our wedding on st pattys day (2012 mind you), what would be good (and hopefuly cool, crative and unique ways) to accomplish both without it looking tacky.
We are kinda on a tight budget (both in college and have kids) and we live in MT.


Re: ...confusion....need ideas

  • Color scheme. Browns, golds, coppers (and other metallics) can add a bit to the steampunk feel, without being "OMG STEAMPUNK!" and you can tie it in, plus, if you're doing St. Patty's day, green actually doesn't look to bad. Especially if you make it like an olive green.

    DIY invitations, too. Maybe work a clock or clockwork design into the invitation design. You can save money if you maybe design something in GIMP (works just like photoshop, except it's free) or if you have photoshop, there are pleanty of gear/lace/clockwork brushes.

    And so on and so forth.
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  • evanlentine those are some great ideas! That's exactly what I would suggest.
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  • Thanks! Our son's ring bearer pillow has shamrocks and celtic knots on it, so theres a bit of the Irish touch in there. Thats as far as weve gotten with trying to tie things together. 
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