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Soon to be Navy fiance

So my boyfriend is joining the Navy and he has told me he plans to pop the question before he goes to boot and we decided we want a wedding after boot. So now it is crunch time cause he goes to boot in Jan or Feb so that means wedding in March or April....and i am slightly freaking out because i have basically eight months to plan a wedding and I will be a Military wife all of a sudden...and we are trying to do the wedding on a budget....any suggestions or tips? would love anything..thanks all

Re: Soon to be Navy fiance

  • My suggestion would be to wait until he gets to his first duty station. DH's dates for schools and leave and what not were WAY too flexible and iffy before he got to his first station. Some A schools may not even let him get married while in school. As far as working with a small budget DIY stuff always helps, a Friday wedding or a wedding at a nonpeak time of year may help cut costs as well.
  • I would definitely wait a bit because so many things can happen between boot, school, and getting to his duty station. He might not get the leave, he might get recycled in boot (if he has an injury or something). I think it would be too hard and too stressful.

    However, budget wise there are many things you can do. Try a Friday wedding, or Sunday. You can do lunch or brunch instead of dinner. I think a Sunday brunch wedding would be awesome and fun.  Plan during a non meal time and just have some appetizers and drinks. Don't have alcohol or just have wine and beer only. Have fake flowers (is it silk that peopl have used, i don't remember?)or simple bouquets that you can do yourself. 
  • Ditto the other girls about waiting til he gets to his first duty station.  You can plan your whole wedding and then graduation gets delayed, or he gets hurt and gets delayed, or a myriad of other options.  Wait until after he goes to A school and gets to his first duty station to get an idea of timelines and the kind of schedule you're working with.  
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  • Make sure you get a military clause with ALL of your vendors. Getting married at the base chapel helps cut costs. But the other women are correct. However, there is never a 'good' time to marry a miitary man. There will always be something going on. Congratulation and good luck getting everything done.
  • Like the other ladies said, wait until he gets to his first duty station.  While in training, this change often.  A bad ankle sprain can get you recycled and set you back weeks.  I broke both of my femurs during Basic Training and had to go to rehab.  Nineteen weeks of training turned into nearly 9 months.  We had people recycled for broken fingers, ribs, collar bones and other issues.  It happens often. 
    When he is at his first duty station, he will have a better idea of when he can take leave and what his schedule will be like.  It will be far easier to plan a wedding.  


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