Looking for Tablecloths

I thought I would target the local weddings/receptions as Ive heard tablecloths are expensive to ship. We are looking to find 25-30 120" or 132" (all the same size) round tablecloths in black, white, or even a mix of silver and navy would work. Let me know if you have anything we are looking for as our wedding isn't till next April we could work out something if you are having a wedding this summer. Really I would be interested in seeing anything silver and navy with a star theme as far as reception decorations if you trying to get rid of them after the wedding.Laughing

Re: Looking for Tablecloths

  • Have you looked at If you're looking to purchase a lot, they pay shipping. We ordered our chair covers/sashes through them and they look great! I highly recommend them, and if you can--look them up on facebook and ask for a coupon. They gave me $5 off my order, which I know $5 isn't a lot, but when you add everything up it helps.

    Also, if you are looking for chair covers and navy sashes we will be selling ours after our wedding next weekend.
  • Great tip with smartyhadaparty!! I had never heard of this site before, but I now think that I will be ordering all kinds of things from them! Thanks!
  • No problem! We loved them. Shipping is free if it's over a certain amount, too.
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