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How Do You Get Motivated???

I bought my wedding dress six months ago and it fit like a glove. Not so much anymore!!! I am actually having the zipper on my dress taken out and having a lace up back put in since my weight fluctuates a lot. But how the heck do you stay motivated to diet well when you love food like my fianc and I do and have no budget for a gym membership?
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Re: How Do You Get Motivated???

  • I think about how much better I feel after I work out, and think about how much better my clothes fit. I also am very grateful that I can keep up with my kids and FI, since my mom had so many health issues when she was my age (and still does).

    I work out at home. I use dvds, there are apps that let you pick a body part you want to work and it tells you what to do, and I bought an elliptical machine. It's 'me' time, and I schedule it the same as I schedule anything else. This past week I haven't been feeling well, and I've missed my workouts, and it really feels weird!

    You need to think of it as a lifestlye change, and it'll stick. Then you can enjoy the food you love without the guilt!

    Good luck!
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  • You can exercise till the cows come home, but if your diet is bad you're not going to be overly successful losing weight.

    I recommend calorie counting to get an idea just how much you may be overeating every day. Continue to eat the foods you love, just learn moderation and portion control :)

    My DH and I cook indian food at home all the time, and we used to eat an entire piece of naan bread to ourselves. When I started counting calories, I realized that each full piece of bread had a whopping 400 calories. We still make indian food all the time and eat it with naan bread, but now we split a piece and I budget those calories into my entire days worth.
  • You are hearing great things from PP. I would add if you can't afford weights even you can use canned foods as weights. You can also use chairs to do dips in, the walls to do squats against. Walking and hiking are also good ways to get yourself moving.

    And yes, track your food and portion control. I used to eat as much as my guy when I first moved in with him (I felt like I was missing out if I didn't). I soon realized that led to weight gain because I wasn't as big as he was. So, I cut back to the same foods, but smaller poritions.
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  • That's one of the main problems! Eating with the fianc because he always brings junk food home. I need to get my will power up and not eat it. I have the calorie counter app on my phone. I just have to use it and get some apps for working out and actually fit in time to do it. I love the elliptical and I am hopin that I can start saving for one.
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  • I love to eat and always eat until I am stuffed. I really had no idea how much I was eating until I got a new job where I'm sitting all the time and gained 15 lbs. I started researching what a portion should be and only putting that amount on my plate. Then, as my mother used to tell me when I was little, if I was still hungry in 20 minutes, I can eat more. Usually I'm not still hungry after that 20 minutes. If I am, I'll eat a yogurt or granola bar and a glass of milk. For me, skim milk is incredibly filling. I also carry a little notebook in my purse and write down every single thing I eat. I try to keep track of the calories too, but just seeing the amount of food I'm eating had really slapped me in the face. At 140 lbs, I really should not be eating as much as my 230 lb. fiance. I've even started rewarding - and penalizing - myself when I do or don't work out. Not with food, with regular things. Yes, I really would love a new coat for football season, but I skipped two days of workouts last week. I'm going to have to wait. :)
    Treating myself almost like a child really has been working for me and I've NEVER been one to work out or care about what I eat. I've been lucky to be able to do these things and not be overweight, but now that I'm getting married I'm starting to really care. 
    Sorry I'm babbling..I hope this helps! Good luck!!
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