I need a bilingual minister (Eng./Span), any ideas?

My finacee and I are getting married July of 2012, and are looking to for a bilingual wedding minister (English and Spanish).  We are having a very simple, outside ceremony, and I have many relatives that only speak Spanish and we would like to make sure we won't leave anyone out of the wedding because of that.

Has anyone heard of ministers that are fluent in Spanish and English? If you do, please let me know.

(Denver area)
I really appreciate your help!  Smile

Re: I need a bilingual minister (Eng./Span), any ideas?

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    how are u going to do that? is the minister going to be speaking in english then traslating immediately to spanish??? wouldn't that be akward? I ask because I am on the same situation but I have not really thought about it yet, I just figured it will be all in english and my folks can just imagine what the minister is saying haha. jk, dont know...
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    Hi!  I am in the same situation so please let me know if you find something.  I am getting married in September so I am running out of time.  Good for you for looking early.

    I was just going to have the officiate go back and forth in English and Spanish, like maybe do some readings in Spanish and do some stuff in English instead of translating everything since we only want the ceremony to last 30 minutes max.
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    if you have a bilingual officiant, you dont have to worry about a long ceremony. if you have someone who is fluent in both languages then they can say some things in english and others in spanish. that way everyone feels included and your parents donmt have to guess what the officiant is saying. its important to make everyone feel included and special, at least i think it is. 
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