Timber Cove / Inn by the Lake Venue / Round Hill Pines

Hi everyone! I'm kind of new to the knot. I posted a few times when we first got engaged but we put our wedding off to buy a house first, and now I'm back at it, planning for August 2011.

Has anyone ever been to any of these venues?

We are looking for a venue for about 75 guests for an outdoor ceremony, indoor reception. We want to keep the cost down, and we're thinking of doing the ceremony at Timber Cove, then the reception at Inn by the Lake (which is almost next door), using the Blue Angel Cafe for catering. The prices seem reasonable, a bit cheaper than some other places but I can't seem to find any reviews/info on Timber Cove.
Round Hill Pines also has good prices, but a bit more expensive than using blue angel cafe....

We originally were thinking of Lakeside beach, but from what I've heard, it's a pretty busy/public setting.
Any other suggestions?

Re: Timber Cove / Inn by the Lake Venue / Round Hill Pines

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    Hi! Have you tried checking Yelp or typing in "Timber Cove Lake Tahoe reviews" on Google?

    Try this website, I found it to be helpful...

    Another option is Regan Beach - I think they rent it out for 2 hours, about $200 if you have less than 100 guests. It IS a public place, though. It's on Lakeview Ave.

    HTH and GL! :)
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    Thanks. I have tried looking up reviews on yelp, and other websites but I'm only finding reviews of the hotels, and not as a wedding venue. Luckily, I just found out that one of my co-workers attended a wedding at timber cove and she said it was very nice. I'm going to head up to Tahoe in a couple of weeks and visit some of the venues, and take some pictures. Hopefully that will give me a better idea.
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    I was seriously considering Timber Cove for the site of both my ceremony and reception but the coordinator informed me back in Oct. that as of 2011, they will no longer host receptions there.   They will still allow you to book their beach for ceremonies, but if you are looking for a venue where everything is in the same place... this option is out. 

    If you are just looking for ceremony sites, Timber Cove has great views but it is right next to a very busy marina where they rent out jet skis, kayaks.... etc.    Supposedly they "rope off" the small area where your ceremony is but the noise and crowds are still within 20 yds. away.   And since it doesn't really get dark in the summers till around 8-9ish, there will definitely stil be people on the beach around 4-6 if you're considering an evening wedding.

    Regan beach is also a public beach but it's not a marina so there's not as much of a concern about loud jet ski noises and screaming kids.   Ther's also ample parking here :)   

    Another place to consider is Lakeside Beach.   It's semi-private, meaning it's gated off and only the people staying in the surrounding hotels/motels have access to it.  It's also right at stateline so if your guests are staying in the casinos or the many motels right near there, it's extremely convenient Wink    

    I visited here and here's the deal from my pov...
    Positives:  beautiful scenic backdrop.   the ceremony location is off to one side of the beach and is therefore, much more secluded than other public beach options.   It also has a huge playground nearby if you need to entertain kids and the Lakeside Beach Grill is a nice place for outdoor receptions (just yards away from the ceremony location).
    Negatives: You won't see this in the photos on their website but, within feet to the right of the ceremony location is a brown brick building.   It's some sort of pump house or utility building, but it's literally right next to where your guests are sitting.   I went there in the winter when the surrounding plants were all dead so it was a definite eye-sore  then, but i assume it's probably a lot better in the summer when there's some greenery surrounding the building to tone it down.   The only other complaint I had were the bathroom facilities.   They were definitely "public beach bathrooms" if that explains it well enough :) 

    Best of luck!!
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