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Does a Caricature Artist Fit at a Wedding?

It’s definitley a good fit! Hiring a caricature artist to sketch your guests during the cocktail hour is a great way to get people mingling and having fun. You can choose from full color drawings or a more elegant black line style (an added classy touch for more black-tie type celbrations.)

Wedding caricatures are exploding in popularity and The Caricature Guy is ready. Hire a high quality caricature artist and make your special day the most memorable it can be.

One concern many wedding planners have is that there might be a long line of guests waiting to be drawn. One creative solution is to have a "roving" caricature artist who will float around the reception with a small drawing board to draw guests where they are (at the bar, at a table with an empty seat becasue someone is dancing...or at the bar;),

Another thought…Caricature sign-in boards of the bride and groom are a novel alternative to traditional guest books. Consider  having a wedding sign-in board produced ahead of time in studio from photos.

Here's a little article on how to choose a good artist as well as more info on roving caricatures, and wedding sign-in boards.

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