Wooden Country Tables

I'm having my reception in a barn in October 2012 and would love to find some wood tables, if not country dining tables.  Does anyone have any suggestion and where to look?

Re: Wooden Country Tables

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    Are you looking to rent or buy them? There are always a lot of vintage style tables on craigslist
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    How large is the wedding? I know exactly the look you're talking about, kind of a vintage gathering feel? Honestly, I don't think it'd be practical unless you have less that 40 people. Or unless you find a venue that already has them.

    But if you're insistent, then I'd start scouring used furniture stores like crazy. I've even heard of building just the table top to set on top of existing tables. My hubbie built me a new farmhouse table which we distressed to look old, but I'm telling you that's way to much work for a large party.

    I had a barn wedding and you can check out photos here and even more ideas here.
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