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hey girls!!! and guys...

Are you all going on a honeymoon?

Where.... and When??

We want to go on a honeymoon VERY badly! but we don't have the money for it. So we're thinking of doing a honeymoon registry online. Problem is... we won't be getting the money until after the wedding. We'd like to take a honeymoon a week or two after the wedding, not RIGHT after.

Anyway, I just wanted to know where you all are thinking about going on your honeymoon or if you've already booked it.

We want to go somewhere out of the USA. Somewhere where I can lay on the beach and watch the ocean!
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Re: honeymoon?

  • K&J64K&J64 member
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    A lot of people frown upon honeymoon registries. This is a know your audience sort of thing. We're in a similar situation, we may borrow some money from family to book the trip pre-wedding and pay them back post wedding or just post pone it for a while.

    We want to go to the Caribbean. Original we wanted to go to St. Lucia, but it's not all that gay friendly. Our travel agent suggested the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico as better choices. Though I'm not totally ruling out St. Lucia yet either. I think it varies resort to resort, and we're resort people, we won't be hanging out all over the island, we'll be lounging around the resort.

    Where are you thinking of going?

  • llucas45llucas45 member
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    We are using, its a honeymoon website.  we decided to use this site because we do not need anymore stuff, our families and friends think it is a great shoping!! We are planning a trip to chicago right after the wedding.
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    I'd like to go somewhere far away! Out of the country! By the beach! ON THE BEACH!!!!

    I want to be on a resort... on the beach... by the pool... margarita/beer in hand!

    We need jet skis for my FIm cause she likes to go DO things... where as I like to LOUNGE and do things here and there :)

    We're not sure where we want to go. It really depends on how much money we would get from the wedding really. Cause we never make the time or save the money for our own trip. This will be the only time we can do it! Especially since we have a 12 year old... (My FI's daughter before me... before she knew she was GAY! hahah)

    And we are thinking of having a baby in a couple years.
    I'd like to go somewhere in Mexico... i don't know. Somewhere warm and all inclusive. .

    And i talked to my mom and she thinks it's a great idea for the honeymoon registry .. And i think our guests will think it's a good idea too. we're having around 115 people, and we don't have too many that are "older" ((maybe more set in their ways... registry wise for weddings))

    I like Honeyfund.... i think we will be going with that..... if so.
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  • Fabi&NitaFabi&Nita member
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    Wish i can say we are going but we may have to wait a bit after the wedding, we are paying for most of it so yeah...and when we do go we want to go to Hawaii :)
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    i want to go to hawaii SO BADLY
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    We are going to Key West! Staying at the Key West Marriott beachside hotel! We are leaving a day after the wedding. 
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    We went to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico this past July and had an amazing time. We stayed at the Dreams Puerto Vallarta with another couple (two guys) and all four of us had a lot of fun. Puerto Vallarta has a gay beach and gay boat tour (which I super strongly recommend!) and even though it was alot more gay men then lesbians, it was nice to be somewhere where we did not feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Our issue is that we have already been there so we want something as great but a different location.

    Our entire trip (7 days/6 nights)with flights from Pennsylvania to Texas and then Mexico and back and upgraded rooms and airport transportation was only like 3300 and the resort was all inclusive on it's own private beach with activities every night at the resort and all our food and drinnks free. We ventured out into the beautiful town and did some shopping and also did a ziplining tour and some atv tours and visited the spa in the resort which all added alot on to our total but it was such an amazing trip and overall we had an amazing time.

    Sorry so long. haha

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  • Vonday98Vonday98 member
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    my lovely won't say (she wants to surprise me), but she knows that I want to go on a beach somewhere with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other to just relax.  I would like to go to Puerto Rico, we've never been and we've thought about going to Hawaii as well.  I like the idea of the honeymoon registry!  By the time we get married (2013) we won't need any "stuff" and that sounds like a great idea!  have to make sure I mention that to her. 
  • chadandmattchadandmatt member
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    We are headed to Provincetown for Carnival!
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