Hey Ladies, 
We just met with some florists over the weekend. How much did you/are you spending on flowers? Do you recommend any florists that are affordable? 

Re: Florist

  • i think it really depends on how important flowers are to you

    like to me, i can't even do flowers (mega-allergies)....but i know people who have spent up to 2K in flowers

    so what do you think you want?
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  • Brittany with Hana Style is reasonable and she will work with your budget and come up with great alternative flowers if ones you want are not in season. She does beaultiful and unique work.
  • I just met with Nature's Palate in Lakewood and they were great. Andrea was really about getting to know my wedding style and was asking for pictures of my dress and the BM dresses as well ad wanting to know details to make sure that the flowers fit with my vision. She had great ideas about things I hadn't even thought about. She was amazing and the pricing is the lowest I have found anywhere. The quote she gave me was $900 whereas everywhere else I have looked at is around $2000 for the exact same thing. I have my bouquet, 6 BMs bouqets, 9 bout. and 20 centerpieces.
  • Kristi at Fleur decor!! she is incredible!
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