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Lake Forest Country Club?

Anyone have any reviews or information about Lake Forest CC in Hudson?  I went to look at their ceremony site and it's beautiful, but I've looked up info about them online and reviews are mixed, with more poor reviews than good ones.  I also read from another post on here that their food starts around $30 pp.  I'm considering having just the ceremony there and going to the Clarion Inn in Hudson for the reception.  I tried to contact them about what their ceremony fee is but I haven't heard back.  If anyone has any experience with them and can provide any info that would be great.  TIA! :)

Re: Lake Forest Country Club?

  • ayamm1123ayamm1123 member
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    edited December 2011

    I love that venue! I thought the staff was great, food was delish, pricing does start @ $30 a person but the alcohol pricing is a bit goofy, but I dont have specifics. as for ceremony only, not sure what the pricetag is.

  • derrilynderrilyn member
    edited December 2011
    Well they sent me their wedding package, their alcohol is by consumption which sucks.  The ceremony is $300 which is really reasonable, I emailed her back to ask her what that includes and I'm waiting to hear back on that.  She's not super responsive in getting back to me but not horrible either.  I think if they include chairs, setup, and an indoor backup for a reasonable price we will go with them for the ceremony and have the reception at the Clarion, their package starts at $49 for everything including tax and gratuity for a Friday/Sunday, and they just remodeled their ballroom.  Our other option for the ceremony is Hudson Springs Park, but we would have to rent chairs and a tent which would be over $500.
  • mmarianmmarian member
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    Hey! I had my wedding there a year ago and in all honestly would not recommend it. I have wrote on here before so I dont want to be repetitive but I just want you to consider all options, because the venue can make or break your wedding. I got married in June and had to work through 2 different consultants because the one quit (which nobody informed us of) and everything got messed up. The day of the rehearsal we were not given the option to practice inside in case of rain (which of course happened on my big day) so my bridal party and myself had no clue what to do and just had to wing it. Everything was quite chaotic and nobody could find the "wedding consultant". My food was awful (however it was really good when we did the tasting) but we did have some guests say theirs was delicious so who knows! We had an issue with the bar tenders because it is based on consumption which lead them to have very heavy pours. Even after we confronted them because guests were actually saying the drinks were waay to strong (and therefore wasting them because they couldnt drink them) they still were ignorant and kept pouring heavy. We didn't want to announce a last call because we didn't want guests stocking up on drinks (you know drunk people haha) but after they "shut down" the bar they still kept serving some people which angered us. The alcohol bill alone was ridiculous.. approx. $4000 for 100 people.. and about 10 of those were what id consider "heavy drinkers" if that gives you an idea of how much they charge! They require you to do valet which was per person not even per car which is crazy because who really comes alone to a wedding?  Id definetly look around before booking this place. I did fall in love with the outside scenery but unfortunetly didn't even get to have my outside wedding! any other questions feel free to email me :)
  • derrilynderrilyn member
    edited December 2011
    Yeah I think your review was one of the ones I read that made me nervous before even looking at the place lol.  $4k is insanely expensive for alcohol when you can go to a venue that does BYOB and spend about $800!  Way out of our budget.  I did hear back from them about a ceremony only and they charge $1000 for the rental (also includes indoor backup, use for pictures, rehearsal, and setup), plus you have to pay for chairs ($2.40 each plus a $50 chair delivery fee).  So it'd be about $1500 which is way more than we want to spend and about 3 times as much as having it at Hudson Springs Park.  Looks like Hudson Springs Park is the winner lol :).  Now if anyone has any reviews on the Clarion Inn in Hudson for a reception that would be awesome :).  I emailed them on the 15th and I haven't heard back yet, so I just emailed someone else there.
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