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My wedding was August 7 at the North Shore Country Club in Sneads Ferry.  For anyone getting married in this area here is my list of vendor reviews:

North Shore Country Club
Absolutely phenomenal!  The on-site caterer was fired half way through my planning process.  The general manager immediately met with me to go over all the details I had worked out with him.  He called caterers in the area to make sure he could find someone at the same price I had promised and with the same meal options.  He even got the price lower for me!  John was super amazing to work with and constantly made my life easier.  Any time I had a question, I would just call him and ask.  The bartenders were very fun and responsive to everyone.  The chef came out during dinner to make sure everything was up to par and the staff was professionally dressed.

Party Gras Entertainment
Also superb!  Chris was very affordable and easy to work with.  He was prompt on answering my emails and returning phone calls.  He accomodated my playlist and actually played what I asked.  There was never a moment in the night where I said "I don't like this song."  As a matter of fact, he kept everyone out on the floor all night.  My husband even danced with me after he swore he wouldn't.  He kept the music going and followed my timeline perfectly.  He even adjusted when it seemed necessary.  Would definitely recommend him.
His wife was our officiant.  I wish she would have had a microphone because no one other than us and my maid of honor heard her.  Our parents sitting in the front row didn't hear a word she said.  They knew to give me away when I turned and looked at them.  Very frustrated with that!  The video of our ceremony would have been great, but you can't hear here at all, only us.  Chris had said she would be fine without one and I didn't think twice about it.

Karens Just Desserts
Karen is an amazing baker.  She did a fantastic job with our cake.  It looked beautiful.  My only complaint is that the color was a bit off, but no one other than my husband and I knew.  Everyone else thought it was supposed to be that way.  It tasted amazing!  It was moist and flavorful and just overall delicious.  I heard nothing but good things about the cake.  She even did a grooms cake for free when I told her I couldn't afford one.  Highly recommend!

Kim's Alterations
I had my dress altered here.  She was super affordable and fixed the top of my dress to fit without having to remove any of the beading.  I was very impressed.  My complaint here is that I should have been more firm in wanting a better bustle.  She used only one clip and my dress dragged too much throughout the night.  I ended up just using the strap under the train to hold it up.

Callan Tinsley Photography
I haven't gotten my pictures back yet, so I can't review on them.  She was professional and friendly throughout the process.  Mary allowed me to split the time.  She was a little late getting to me the second time and it threw me off.  I missed having her take some photos I would have liked.  Overall I feel confident that my photos will be beautiful though.  I'll post reviews once I see the actual photos.  So far she gets my recommendation.

Pie Bell Photography (Name to be changed)
Pie did my engagement photos and bridal photos.  She is a personal friend of mine building her portfolio, but you would never guess it by her pictures.  She is an absolutely fantastically amazing photographer.  I had her pictures done in a photobook from Shutterfly from the Engagement session and everyone thought I had paid mega-bucks for them.  She is soon changing the name of her business, but I highly recommend her!!  And not just because she's my friend :-)

Let me know if I'm missing something... I can't think of anything else off the top of my head.

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    Here's a couple of reviews I forgot:

    Floral Expressions by the Sea
    She was very reasonably priced and worked with me and my vision of what I wanted.  I had little idea of what I was looking for and she was very helpful.  She made beautiful bouquets that everyone loved.  The centerpieces were affordable and elegant.  Very pleased with her.  My one complaint was I had to re-tie the ribbons on the bridesmaid bouquets because they were bunched together rather than wrapped top to bottom.  Still very highly recommended though!

    L&L Tent Rentals
    They gave an honest and fair price and were also easy to work with.  They came the day before the wedding for set up and made sure to ask me EXACTLY where I wanted it.  The delivery guys were funny and made me feel better about the whole experience.  They were good about not getting upset at my little tweaks and changes in the placement (before it went up).  They also gave their own opinions based on experience about the area it was covering, etc.  Very pleased with them and no complaints whatsoever.
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