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Has anyone purchased a dress from Suburban Bridal & had trouble getting it in on time??

I ordered my dress 7 months ago.  My dress was to be here in February.  Suburban finally told me this week that my dress hasn't even left China yet!!  My wedding is in 29 days & I am extremely worried that my dress won't get here in time.  I need to have sleeves added to my dress after it arrives so it needs to be here in time for the alterations.  The manager at Suburban has been extremely rude to me & acts like I am totally overreacting that I am worried that my dress won't be here in time.  I have been nothing but patient & nice to everyone there.  I am EXTREMELY disappointed in their response to me!!  I went to Suburban because I felt they were one of the most reputable bridal salons in the area.  I have DEFINITELY changed my mind!!

Has anyone had a similar experience or any suggestions!?!?!

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    i refused to go there because a friend of mine had a terrible experience there a few years ago. She had ordered a dress from there (and it wasn't cheap!). When she finally got was gross. it had stains and snags. It turned out that they never ordered it and actually sold her the sample dress...without her knowing and at the retail price, not the sample price! She ended up taking it to another bridal salon for alterations and to get it fixed and cleaned. I'm sorry that this is happening to you!!
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    I also had a terrible time with them as a bridesmaid a few years ago.  The dress took way longer than they anticipated to come in, and the alterations cost more than the dress did.  Mind you, these alterations were simply taking a bit off the bottom and fixing the zipper.  Horrible experience, and horrible service all around.

    I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions other than to stand your ground and file a complaint when all said and done.  You are definitely not alone however. 
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    I would file a complaint against them to the BBB. Did they say when it should be in? I would be furious.


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    No...they were horribly rude to me when I was shopping for a dress. I did research and saw a bunch of negative comments about them. Did you have a contract that said when they expected it to come in? 
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    For the past 3 weeks they have been telling me that my dress will be here at the end of the following week.  I keep getting the same story everytime I talk to frustrating!

    Their "Sales Agreement" says they won't refund any deposits or payments & they are not liable for delayed shipments that are out of their control.... which is one of the lines the manager keeps giving me - "It's out of my control"

    Thanks everyone for your posts.... sounds like I'm definitely not the person that this has happened to!  It's so irritating because this is a time that I should be enjoying & now I spend my time worrying about my dress!
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    I would go directly to the dress designer at this point and tell them you want your dress shipped...YESTERDAY. I did research on salons before going on, and I didn't even bother going to Suburban because of the awful reviews I read. My friend was getting married and they kept lying to her about things before she'd even BOUGHT the dress. At this point, unfortunately, I would start looking for a backup dress. I hope it works out for you.
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    I agree with the ladies above--i would call BBB, and tell Suburban that you are contacting them b/c of the fiasco with your dress. Try ebay or for a quick fix. I'm so sorry about your dress!
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    You should check out the Nebraska Bridal Outlet in Wahoo. They have dresses off the rack.
    Nebraska Bridal Outlet
    (402) 443-5377
    556 N Linden
    Wahoo, NE 68066

    I know Lincoln Bridal Outlet has dresses off the rack as well.

    Bridal Gown Outlet
    3920 North 27th Street
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68521 USA

    You may want to check those two out.


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    Agh! I just ordered my dress from there! I did have horrible service but loved my dress but now I'm really nervous after all these reviews!
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    I haven't started looking for dresses yet but a friend of mine bought her dress from there and had the most awful experience. When the dress came in, she went to try it on and one of the salegirls was pinning it and pricked her finger.  She then proceeded to BLEED all over my friend's gown.  When my friend saw, she (understandably) starting freaking out.  The manager told me friend it was her fault because she "must have seen" that the salegirl pricked her finger and because she didn't say anything, she must have thought it was ok.  Yeah, like anyone would let a bleeding person near their $2000 gown.  Horrible service all around.
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    I know I'm totally late on this, but I just went to Suburban Bridal. I did not have a very good experience either. They were rude on the phone, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. When I got there, I had a nicer younger girl help me. As I come to find out, she didn't work there; her relation owns it and she was visiting! No wonder why she was nice!

    I was very disappointed with the other employees; not being able to take pictures, and the fact they take tags out so you don't know the designer of the dress is. When you're some one like me, who had certain style #'s picked out, it becomes extremely hard to find them, especially when they wouldn't even tell me which dresses they were! Not only that, the other employees put away the dresses the girl helping me had out I still had to try on! I was so disappointed, I told my mom lets go!
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