2 months to go, let the stress begin! Update :-)

Hi ladies,

The clock is a tickin for the big day! Unfortunatley we had a setback in our transportaion (here at home, not for the wedding).  We had to buy a new car b/c our van died unexpectedly so that took one hell of a hit our of our wedding money :-(.  Thankfully I padded our budget so we have less wiggle room, but we will make it. FI has been amazing though, been working 7days a week to try and recover some of our wedding budget cushion. In order to save some extra $$ I cut the hair and makeup from our package, my cousin will do my hair (it's simple enough for her to do and I'm getting my curl set by my stylist the Friday before we leave), I just need to find a place to do makeup and I'm set.

I have been having weird bouts of "omg 2mo to go AHHHHH" and "I got everything under control" mood swings lol, anybody else going through this? I know everything will be ok, I truly believe that, but with the wedding being this close some days I feel like "how the hell are we gonna pull this off?!!!" On a positive note, I reached my goal of losing 10lbs and the weight is still falling off! I predict by Sept 1st I will loose another 10-15lbs if I keep my current habits up. I have warned my doc and my alterations lady that as soon as I schedule my last fitting I shall slow my exercising to 30mins/3wk in order to maintian so I won't have to alter the dress anymore.

Oh! and I have been having "let's have a baby soon" mood swings too! We've already discussed this, but I think it's b/c I went to a couple of baby showers recently that my bio clock has been ticking in my ear. We want to have a few years of just us so we can travel freely, but at random times I get the overwhelming urge to procreate, please tell me I'm not the only one lol.

Otherwise life is moving right along and along with the stress there is tons of excitement (with a dash of "omg I'm gonna be married" jitters lol). Thanks for reading my mini novel post lol, have a good one ladies!
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Re: 2 months to go, let the stress begin! Update :-)

  • I love your posts they always make me laugh. Great job on loosing weight! You should be really proud! And no, I don't think you're alone in your baby thoughts....it's natural :) just try to remember to live in the moment...one thing at a time....easier said then done I know. Oh and by the way... I talked with my fi tonight about one of your previous posts about waiting until wedding night.... It's a different concept that I actually hadnt heard about before I read your other post, it could be a good idea though.... Build excitement and anticipation...... We'll see!
  • You are not alone. I completely understand ups and downs and the car issue. We had to buy FI a new commuter car when his truck died last winter. I hate that he is working all the tiime. Mostly OT on weekends since March. We are going away this weekend so that will make some of it better but lately I am really missing him. We pretty much have everything taken care of but I still go through moments of omg are we really ready. We still have two familys that have not confirmed if they are going or not. We have budgeted for them but it would add up to an extra 9 guests so I really would like to know even though we gave them until Sept. 1st to RSVP.
    Great job on the weight loss and wow the goal of another 10-15 in the next month or so. Can I ask how much you are working out now? I am on the treadmill 30-35 mins 5 days a week. Lost 7lbs but kind of stuck right now. Part of it was monthly cycle so I should start budging soon. 
    I can't relate on the baby clock. FI and I have 7 kids between us and he took care of that issue about 8 months after we met and started to get serious. We thought about it because I am young enough but my youngest is 15 and we just couldn't imagine starting over.  
    Hang in there and try not to stress too much. We are almost there!!!!
  • I am still about 3 months out, but I totally understand your mood swings! My fiance can't keep up with me ahha.  One minute I'm saying how good it all feels and that we're on top of everything and the next minute, I'm freaking out wondering how it's all going to go.  Ahh the joys of being a bride! Just take it in your stride, I google 'things all brides forget' and things like that for little things that you may have overlooked, helped settle my nerves a bit.
    I'm with you on the baby thing too sometimes but being a full time nanny, I'm looking forward to enjoying being a married couple of two for a while! :) 
    Great job on the weight loss too!! 
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  • Thanks for the love and support ladiesf, you are the bestest (of course)!

    @allionpickup80: glad to give you the giggles. I have to remind FI that "No Lovin D-Day" is in 3wks, I'm sure he's forgot about it lol. I go for my IUD appt next week so no babies here. Since my baby mood swings with the time of day, music I'm listening too and how tired I am I figure that I'm just overall not ready lol. Time is on my side and I know we will enjoy our 2person family for a couple years.

    @FSForever: FI working weekends is killer and I miss him too. It feels like I see him for maybe 3hrs/day, 4hrs if we are lucky.  For my workout I do 30mins of cardio and  45mins of light weights althernating days 6/wk. I also had some help from my doc in the form of a perscriptoin to jumpstart my lifestyle change. It's a once in a lifetime deal per the doc so I'm using it to my full advantage.

    @fizzhiser87: today is a "I have it together day" lol (so far) and great idea on googleing "things all brides forget" I need to do that now!  Thanks a bunch!

    Best of luck to you ladies and looking forward to seeing your weddings and trading pix of mine :)
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