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My TTD session Experience!

Good morning ladies!

So we finally did our TTD session yesterday and omg it was so much fun! We went to an abandoned warehouse in Corona,it was a great location...super old and with lots of graffiti. Although let me tell yah, it was quite a hike to get there.  But before we got there, I had a bright idea of taking some In-N-Out to eat there and make some fun photos with that! So, I really trashed my dress...there was a lot of dirt and omg when I got against the wall to take some photos there was fresh paint! Yes paint! so the back of my dress has some pink! haha!  Anyway, after that we went to the train tracks and it was so fun...I never thought I would ever go under a train to get across the other side...we also got great shots there!

Overall, if you are thinking of doing something like should go for it. It's truly a great experience and I do not regret it at all! I will get pictures in about 2 weeks....which sounds like a loooooooong time for us anxious knotties but I know it'll be worth the wait. Can't wait to show you girls the results! Yay for my great photographers they are awesome!

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