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Opinions on rehersal?

Due to a Halloween party, we will not be able to have our wedding rehersal the evening before our Saturday wedding. The coordinator said we can do it either Thursday evening or Friday afternoon, but I'm not sure which to pick! I asked my (divorced) mom and dad and they had opposite answers :( I need some insight! Which would you choose and why?

Re: Opinions on rehersal?

  • Depending on when your WP is getting into town, I would think the closer to the wedding date the better.

  • Everyone lives locally (winthin 30 minutes of the venue)
  • If everyone's local, I'd do Thurs. evening. Most (not all but most) people work during the day, and I would rather not have to take time off work for an afternoon rehearsal. If you do it in the evening, the majority could probably get away with not taking any time off.

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    Make it work as best you can around your WP work schedules.
  • I think it comes down to what's best for the people in the wedding party who want to rehearse.
  • I agree.  If everyone has to work on Friday, but is will to come Thurs night, do that.  All of my family is coming half way across the country, but FI's brother both live 1 hr away, so we are opting for Friday, so they only have to take off one day.

  • We had ours on the Thursday evening before our Saturday wedding so people wouldn't have to miss work.
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  • If everyone is local, then it's fine to have it on Thursday evening.

    When some or all of the wedding party are traveling to your wedding, I find it incredibly rude to schedule a Thursday rehearsal for a Saturday wedding.  An extra day off work, an extra travel day, and extra day to sit around and do nothing all in the name of the couple is very ....self-centered. 
  • My family has a tradition of always having the rehearsal on Thursday nights. That way if people have a little too much fun, no one is hung over for the wedding. On Friday we host a very casual early evening get together for our out of town guests and it's always nice to just enjoy catching up with everyone. Hope it works out for you!!
  • Those invited to the Halloween Party might want/need time to get into costumes. Plus you don't want to have to cut your RD short to go to another party! Thursday would be better, IMO.
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