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Need a little help with a few things!

Hi Everyone!

This is my first trip to the message boards- my name is Erin and my fiance and I live in Mashpee.  I got engaged back in October and we are planning a wedding for July 30th of 2011.  We really haven't done too much except book the venue and church.  We are having a friend do our pictures, and I purchased my dress last weekend...SO EXCITED!

I need some suggestions for affordable vendors:

-Videographer  (looking at most sites and it's REALLY expensive...they seem to range around $1600...)

-Florist:  I will only be needing minimal flowers...bouquets for myself and my girls and some decorations for the church...would like to use white orchids

-DJ:  I have a meeting with Scott from Cape Tunes in Sandwich next week- he was on Cape Cod's A List and seems to be flexible...charges $1300

-Cake:  I really do not care much about the cake- just would like something inexpensive that looks decent.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer and congratulations to all of you!

Re: Need a little help with a few things!

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    My wedding isn't until Oct., so I can only speak for my experiences so far.

    We are using Karen Bryden from Petals by the Sea for flowers. She is super nice, reasonably priced, and seems excited for our ideas. I don't know 100% what everything is going to look like, but I know it will look pretty :)

    DJ we are using Peter from Good Times Unlimited. They are out of Braintree, I think. Got decent reviews but honestly, I don't know a lot about it. I hear amazing things about Danny Walsh but he books up early.

    Cake we are using Delicious Desserts. Two of my friends used her this summer and the cakes were delicious and gorgeous, plus she was highly recommended/preferred by my caterer and venue. I don't think she is the least expensive though.
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    I have used both roche bros. and stop and shop ( both in Mashpee) for floral arrangements in the past and have been very pleased. Stop and shop did all the flower arrangements for my daughters rehersal diner and we recycled them for a day after brunch. they came out great and were very inexpensive.
         You could also check with both their bakery departments for making a wedding cake.  HTH, GL

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    I'm Erin too! Are you getting married in the Mashpee area? I got married in Falmouth, reception in Bourne, I used the following -

    - Sue Hobart's Florals - she's based in Falmouth and works from her home studio, and if you're getting married in the Mashpee area, I'd highly recommend a visit with her. She's SO sweet, and she's the most reasonably priced florist I found. She did everything she could to keep costs down in our budget. I met with her a couple of times and I was struggling to describe my "vision" to her since I'm so picky, but boy did she nail it on the head. She totally understood what I wanted, and truly cared about what she was doing. I liked her so much I was tempted to last minute have her come to the wedding!

    - Stick with Cape Tunes. Scott is a great guy and loves what he's doing. I met with Scott, had Keith Leavitt as our DJ. The only thing about this meeting with Scott was that he had to relay our info to Keith, and some of our songs on the "must play" list never got played. I think this could have been avoided if we made sure that message was relayed to Keith, or it could have just been a factor of having too many songs on our must play list. By no means should this deter you from sticking with them, because in the end the dance floor was packed ALL night and they do an excellent job. I think I could have just been more clear on my end.

    - We used Delcious Desserts for cake. As described, super delicious, but expensive too. We had 100 guests, no fondant on the cake, just buttercream, and it was $600. Can probably find somewhere cheaper, but it sure was good!

    - We had a videographer too but I don't think will be in your price range. Videographers ARE extremely expensive. We got ours last minute (like 2 weeks before the wedding last minute) and ended up spending slightly over 2500, but they were the only company I felt convinced that could do a good job on the video. They're based out of Newport, RI and New Bedford, MA and are called Artist Wedding Video Group: They can customize different packages to fit your needs, but unfortunately depending on the quality you want it's very hard to get a reasonably priced one!

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask! Where are you having your reception?
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    I would totally use stop & shop or roche brothers if you are trying to work within a budget.  I am going with S&S and I was able to get 8 bridesmaids bouquets (roses and lillies), my bouquet (roses), 8 boutinieres, 3 coursages and 11 table arrangements for under $1,000.  I just went to a wedding where the bride used Roche bros and the arrangements looked like they were taken off the cover of a recent wellwed magazine cover.  They were gorgeous.  Roche delivers/stop&shop does not.
    I am using a videographer who charges $1,000 (extra $50 if you want him to come film while girls are getting ready) and you can pay after the wedding when the video is done.  One of my best friend's used him and he was great.  His website is:
    For a DJ Im using Steve McVie.  He charges $1,000 and works alongside his wife Liz Solomon.  He is a DJ on cool 102 and so far they have been really nice. 
    Our cake is included in our reception-so we are going with Casual Gourmet.  Not sure what they charge.  Good luck!
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    i would look into steve binder as a DJ - he charges $1000 (he gave it to me for $900 b/c it was a sunday) for 5 hours and only has gotten awesome reviews on here. He worked my wedding - and saved me from my own playlist so that people actually danced the whole time (he started playing my playlist and no one danced - when i told him to play whatever it took to get people dancing, it was like flipping a switch - he had the dance floor packed with the next song and it stayed that way the rest of the night). He also gives you a CD of all of your key songs. I highly recommend him.

    i didn't have a videographer.

    i used meredith fancy as a florist for something, but it sounds like stop and shop is the way to go (my centerpiece flowers came from trader jo's, but i highly support using supermarkets for flowers).

    The cake came with our package - casual gourmet - and was phenomenal, but if you really only care that it looks decent, check our stop n shop for that, too - other posters on here have had good success with that.


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    The only one I have anyrecomendations on is the cakes, I recomend Krazy Kakes, they did my daughter's birthday cake & it was beautiful & decently priced. HTH
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    Thank you so much everyone!  Your posts were extremely helpful!  I'm thinking Stop and Shop is the way to go for flowers and the cake.  I'm definetly going to look into the suggestions you gave for videographers and DJs.  Meeting with Scott at Cape Tunes today but will def. need to go elsewhere for a comparable.

    To Erin, I live in Mashpee and am getting married in Centerville- we are using Our Lady of the Assumption in Osterville and the reception will be at The Beach Club on Craigville.  Where in Bourne are you having your reception?

    Thanks again!

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    Check out for video. They have some low-priced packages.
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    Richard Osso - Best In Weddings 2010 by the Knott 

    $1400 packages

    2 cameras, 2 videographers for your ceremony.

    Give us a look !!!!

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