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Has anyone had or been to a wedding that has had Steve Ossinger from Main Event DJ?  I met him at a bridal show, and he was awesome there and am thinking of booking him for my wedding, just wanted to know if anyone had any reviews.  Thank you!!

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    We are going with Billy from Main Event and are very happy so far.  Everyone I have dealt with at Main Event has been great.
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    We are also going with Billy Rears from MEDJ but Steve was our second choice if Billy was unavaliable. They seem like a great DJ company and I can't wait to work with them more :)
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    Thank you!  I am excited to work with them as well :)
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    I met with all of them and they all seemed great!  We booked Kibar but I think any of them there would do an excellent job.
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    What are you gals finding their price ranges to be? I heard that each DJ has a different starting price. Are their rates reasonable?
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    Daisy - If you e-mail them with your date they will send you a list of their available dj's with pricing information. 
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    Thank you!!
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    I've seen Joey and Kibar perform at weddings that I've gone to and they rocked the house!!!!
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    So you haven't seen them yet, but feel free to recommend them?  Really?  Undecided
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    ive seen a handful of the main event dj's at weddings they are by far the best!  i've also seen "get down tonight's" djs and they are soooo akward. their idea of a good time is pretending to lipsync to whatevers playing but are very quiet and are NOT really "party starters" but if your looking for quiet standoffish entertainment or have a lot of elderly they would be ok.  I dont mean to bash but it was the equivalent of using an ipod with no human interaction at all but a lot pricier.
  • does anyone had Kevin Sawler from a main event dj? We do not have many djs that are open for the day of our wedding, His video seems really cheesy but when talking with him he was very professional and nice.....thoughts?

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    I have had a few DJs from Main Event. I remember Jackie Dionne and Joey Dion.  Both were great. I think Jackie still does it but isn't listed.  Kevin is not one of them. 

    You can try Mike Koutrobis:  He is a JP/Comedian/DJ   I found him at a comedy show and thought he was a great emcee and hired him as a JP and Comedian for entertainment. I already had a DJ but I would've hired him. Great prices


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  • Anyone ever use Dave Nadeau from main event??? Thoughts??
  • I went to a wedding recently with Dave as the DJ and he was great.
  • Good to hear!!! Thanks for the feedback!!
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