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Does this sound right?

So I am getting ready to sign a contract with my photogragher who i found through a local wedding website.  we met and she is amazing!  I am getting ready to send her my deposit and sign a contract but it says on there that she must receive final payment  30-days prior to the event.  Now I do trust her and she is legit but should that raise any flags for me?  My sis says that I shouldnt have to pay her until the day of.  Help?

Re: Does this sound right?

  • GolfChick78GolfChick78 member
    edited December 2011

    I was concerned because my photographer has the same thing (though only 14 and not 30 days).  I've seen this discussed before on my local forum and it is apparently quite common; it sounds like it's very industry-standard.

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    edited December 2011
    That is perfectly standard.  And trust me, there will be way too much going on on the wedding day to be worrying about paying people, and the vendors know that.
  • edited December 2011
    A photographer's payment schedule is at their discretion.  If you don't feel comfortable you can ask for the change.  She may of have a bad experience with a client prior and just want to make sure she's covered.  It never hurts to ask to make your final payment two weeks.  This will give her plenty of time to make sure your payment clears on her end.
  • edited December 2011
    Yep it sounds normal!!! :) here in Portugal is the same!!! www.mariocaldeira.com thanks
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