Just looking - Oregon Wedding Venues....

I really wanted to have my wedding at a beach somewhere in Oregon, but with the weather being pretty crappy at the beaches here (and very unpredictable) I am starting to lean towards a place with a nice graden area (with lots of flowers) anyone have any ideas? It would be a fairly large 100-120 person wedding.

Re: Just looking - Oregon Wedding Venues....

  • Abernethy Center
    Mcclean House
    Oregon Golf

    all have pretty nice outdoor space
  • The Aerie at Eagle Landing
    Ainsworth House and Gardens
    Lakeside Gardens
    Amadeus Restaurant
    Oregon Zoo
    Persimmon Country Club
  • Try Log House Garden in Kiezer Or. I checked it out with my fiance last week, it is beautiful. it used to be a Nursery, and it has flowers everywhere.

  • Wow you sound just like me, OP. I grew up in Florence, so know firsthand how crappy (or sunny but windy and cold) Oregon Coast weather can be. Instead we are looking into a McMenamins location in Portland, where fi's family lives. With a catering minimum, the venue is free! :) Good luck on your search!
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  • There is a place I just heard about from a Wedding Professionals site about a private island near Florence. If you send me a pm I can send you the name of the photographer who posted the info. It seems really cool!
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  • Do you know wha tthe prices were like on the Log House Garden in Kiezer Or ???
  • My niece got married at log house gardens about 5 years ago.  It was $1600 then for a Sunday.  She had to rent the tent at that time but now I see that they are providing a covered area.  At that time there was no running water and the toilets were porta potties, I don't know if that has been improved.

    I can only assume that it has gone up in price since then.
  • The Aquarium in Newport
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  • I don't know if you are still looking but I live in Keizer and I looked into the log cabin house and it was like $3500 but it is beautiful, I don't know what time you are having your wedding but they kick you out a half hour after sunset.
  • Oregon Gardens in Silverton, OR is beautiful, too. I went to a wedding there last year and fell in love.
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