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DIY Mandap Ideas

So I'm on a tight budget, and I desperately need ideas for DIY Mandap projects. Anybody have any good ideas? I'd really appreciate it!

Re: DIY Mandap Ideas

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    Scroll down sveral pages-I know alot of the brides discussed various mandap designs.  SOmeone used PVC pipes, and others used wood with decorated material.   I feel like it was around June of last year.  And I think Meghana had a beautiful one they did for one of their ceremonies.  GL!
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    Thanks masti :-)

    We built one for one of our pre-wedding events at my parents house.  We got PVC piping and the connectors from Home depot.  We used leaves to cover it because we were going for an earthy look.  But you could get relatively inexpensive fabric to drape the mandap.  And you could stick floral arrangements on the top four corners.  The total cost for ours was around $50...but even if you use flowers and fabric, you could do it for under $200. PVC piping is very inexpensive.    Here's a pic of mine...


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    I've had a few ideas for DIY, but they all come out to be pretty pricey - upwards of $300. One used trelisses; another was PVC pipe and a third was lumber. All with fabric and flora of some kind. None of our venue choices allow stakes, so we would have to weigh it down with something to keep it from falling over in case of wind. Adding that extra weight was making them more expensive.

    I work at a Home Depot (lead generator for a window company) and while I was at work today, I noticed something that I am considering asking FI about. They have a 10'x10' gazebo for $200 that comes with a fabric canopy and mosquito netting. I only got a brief look at it at the end of my shift, but the only thing I don't like about it is the color of the fabric. However, we don't have to use that part, and I can replace the side drapes temporarily with something else.

    There are shelves on each of the corner posts that you could put a decoration on, or you could wrap ivy around the posts themselves. The one at our store had furniture set up - an outdoor loveseat, two matching chairs, and a table in the center. I swear if you just repalce the table with a havan kund, it'd look just like a wedding stage. I'll stop in and take some pictures tomorrow.

    Here's the HD website picture: www.tinyurl.com/arrowgazebo
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    I think getting a gazebo would be a good idea.

    You can always return it after using it too (thats the Indian way ;)

    I didn't do a mandap during my wedding, but everytime I had to decorate my stage for the pre wedding parties..we would use saris and lights.

    My friend recently threw a surprise party for her parents and we decorated Indian style, she had garlands that looked like marigold flowers, we hung them, it was beautiful.

    Even more beautiful if you are going to use real flowers.

    Good luck!
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