I'm moving this weekend!

I can hardly contain my excitement. It is going to be so wonderful to be back close to all of our family and friends. I even already changed my location under my SN..lol. That is how excited and happy I am.

My Dad is driving down here tomorrow so I have someone to follow me back. I am just taking what I need for now (clothes, computer, teaching stuff) and H will bring the rest of the stuff in 2 weeks. He gaves his resignation notice yesterday at work. The boss knew it was coming and said maybe he can get back on with the company in the future.

H and I plan on spending the day together tomorrow since my Dad won't be down here until later. And then we are going to take my Dad out for dinner. Sunday we will probably go to church and then load up the cars. I am sure Dad will want to leave early Monday morning.

Re: I'm moving this weekend!

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    Congrats!! What part of town are you moving to? 

    We should finally have a Knottie get together!
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    Well, I will be staying with my Grandma in Hilliard for the time being. And then after H gets back, we may stay with his parents depending on if his brother and his FI move out or not. It is just that going from London to Powell (where my new job is) is going to be a pain in the butt every morning. That is over an hour one way. If I stay with my Grandma, then it will greatly reduce my commute time.

    Things will slowly get better, but they are still going to be a little crazy until we find our own place. I don't want to get in over our heads with just my income until H finds a job. After he finds something, we will either buy (depending on how much we have for down payment) or rent something.
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    I'm so excited for you! Please let's knottie G2G and we'll buy you a round!

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    I would love to do a knottie G2G. Perhaps sometime in June would work.
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    Yay Missysue!  I'm so happy for you guys!  What a wild ride you two had. 
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    So glad you'll be back home MissySue!!! Woo-hoo!! Knottie G2G soon.  Though, we may have to make plans early, since the next 2 months are a little full for me Wink
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    What's the new job Missy? I know you said you were a teacher, but time of year makes me think it's not a teaching position? I work for Olentangy and you said Powell, so just curious! :)
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    Awwww Congrats! I'm so glad things are falling into place for you! Good luck with the move & have a safe drive up!
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    Awww Missy! Grats!! That's pretty exciting! =) Congratulations!
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    [QUOTE]What's the new job Missy? I know you said you were a teacher, but time of year makes me think it's not a teaching position? I work for Olentangy and you said Powell, so just curious! :) Congrats!
    Posted by RNM 2008[/QUOTE]

    I graduated from Olentangy. My parents still live in the area.

    I am working for a private preschool in Powell. I am not yet certified (I was in the  process of getting my teaching license before I moved here), but hope to be soon. One of the reasons why we decided to move back was for me to finish school.

    I have taken Praxis 1, I need to finish my coursework, take Praxis 2 and do my student teaching. I hope to become certified before we have kids.
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    Congrats Missy.  The city of C-Bus and the Central Ohio Knotties welcome you home with open arms!!!!  Hopefully the Sunshine and Warm Weather will decide to follow you too :-)
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