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What do you think of this gift idea for MOB and MOG?

I want to get my mom and my fiances mom a gift for throwing our shower. One idea I had is getting them each a picture frame. Since my fiance and i are getting married at the same church as both of our parents i was thinking of getting them a double frame, one side with of our parents picture at the church and then we'l put our picture at the church in later. Do you think this will be a good idea? Any other ideas are welcome!!

Re: What do you think of this gift idea for MOB and MOG?

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    I once took the First Communion pictures of my grandmother, mother, myself, and my daughter, and put them all in a four photo frame.  I love the idea of tradition, family, lineage, and heritage.

    As a future MOB, I think your idea is lovely and thoughtful.  I would love something like that!  I find the idea so heartfelt, that IF you are considering giving gifts to your parents for the wedding, you might want to save that idea for then!  I'd be bawling like a baby to see something like that!

    Your folks are very blessed :-)

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    I think it's a lovely idea, and as a former MOG and MOB, I'd love it.  Go get those frames.....
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    I think that is a great idea. It would also be a lovely gift to thank them at the wedding.
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    What a great idea! I think they will love it!
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