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Bolivian wedding traditions?

Hi, I am Bolivian but I was adopted as an infant and grew up Jersey Italian.  I have been thinking of incorporating some piece of my culture into our wedding but since I wasn't brought up Bolivian it is hard for me to know where to start.  Does anyone know traditions or where I could look for information?  Thank you so much!
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Re: Bolivian wedding traditions?

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    Hi, my mom was born in Quime, Bolivia, but I was born and grew up in Irvine, CA. She said that most of the Bolivian wedding traditions are during the Catholic wedding ceremony. There's the blessing of gold coins by the priest. The coins are given to the groom to pass to the bride (symbol of financial security). The bride gives the coins back to the groom. There is also a large necklace/chain/rope that is draped over the bride and groom in a figure 8 to symbolize eternal unity. My FI is Korean-American and we are not going to have a Catholic wedding. I am going to incorporate Bolivian traditions with the music. There are Bolivian DJs in Orange County, CA, but I am not sure about Jersey. My FI and I are planning to dance cueca (national dance of Bolivia). It's a really easy dance where a couple moves in thre quarter turns while waving a hankerchief. I'm sure you can find it on youtube. I think it's suppose to be a coquettish/flirty dance, but there are many variations of cueca depending on the region. My relatives dance cueca and take a shot of singali (Bolivian rum/liquor) at the end of the dance. An other option could be serving Bolivian food at the reception. Bolivian food is delicious, but it might be hard to cater. My relatives usually cook Bolivian food themselves for parties because there aren't many Bolivian restaurants in SoCal anymore. Good luck planning your wedding.
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    Hey Ladies!
    My parents are from Bolivia (LaPaz), I was born and raised in NY.  My fiance is Irish. This is my first visit to the Latino board and surprised to find a post about Bolivian tradition!  My father's family is also from Spain, I believe they have the same coin, lazos customs.The lazos in my parent's wedding pics always stuck out in my mind. I'm debating about incorporating them into my church ceremony, if my priest is not comfortable with it. I have to ask. My fiance and I would LOVE to have some saltenas at the cocktail hour but it would an added expense and coordination from restaurant 

    I just found this video,
    The bridge custom is interesting. Google is great for finding any info.

    Buena suerte!
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