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No cook meals/eating out?

I am moving next weekend (8/4). So this coming week all my dishes and pots and pans and everything will be getting packed up. Does anyone have any recommendations for quick meals you dont have to really cook (since I won't have access to pots and pans)? Or any take out choices that aren't horribly unhealthy? Trying not to kill my calories next week and really stressing about it.
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Re: No cook meals/eating out?

  • A few ideas, though I'm not sure what is really around you.

    For eating out - subway, veggie sandwiches, salads from anywhere (you know to watch the dressing, cheese, croutons, etc.)  Do you have a Trader Joe's near you?  They have great dinners in the frozen section.
    For eating in - can you cook up a week worth of food this week and just keep the few pieces of tupperware in your fridge?  I think that would be the easiest way to plan.  Otherwise, can you leave one skillet with you, unpacked, and then you'd have access to a couple 'one pot/pan' meals, like stirfry or eggs/breakfast for dinner.
  • No trader joes :( But we are getting one in the fall! No Qdoba either K :(  It is disappointing to realize how many restaurants are not here lol. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
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  • If you can, roast a whole chicken and store it in Tupperware or ziplock and have it with veggies or fruits. Maybe make up done homemade granola bars or breakfast muffins. Freeze smoothie ingredients and pack the blender last. Ditto trader joes or whole foods frozen or ready to eat meals.
  • I would get a couple of rotissierie chickens from Costco (or whereever you like to shop.)  I usually eat chicken for one meal and then shred the rest to use in various dishes...tacos, I make a killer curried chicken salad that would be very easy to do without dishes, sanwiches etc.  Not sure what you tend to eat, but you could cook a batch of steel cut oats ahead of time and reheat those, greek yogurt, make a big salad that will last you, fruit, nuts, hard boiled eggs- things that are easy to carry and don't require a lot of prep.

    Do  you have a Chipotle near you?  I like their salads and they have quality meats (though I find it a tad salty.)

    Good luck!
  • I like getting Jimmy John's sandwiches without the mayo - they're slightly dry but you could always add dijon mustard (if you like mustard).

    If you're going to eat out, just obviously avoid all fried foods.
  • Do you have access to a microwave?  Tyson makes some chicken that you just have to put in the microwave for 20 seconds.  Add that to a salad with a light dressing and some veggies.  I do WW but this site offers nutrtion info and you can compare what is better for you if you have to eat out :  dwlz.com.
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  • Watch out for the already cooked chickens, they tend to be loaded with sodium, which is why I suggested roasting your own. Or, the grocery store deli usually has low sodium turkey breast and things of that nature. Make some healthy wrap sandwiches.
  • I second Jimmy John's.  I usually get the lettuce wrap sandwiches so I don't have the extra calories from the bread.
  • I like the idea of cooking a bunch of stuff before you pack up your kitchen and just keep it in tupperware in the fridge all week.  That said, I don't know if I'd be that motivated to cook if I had a big move happening.  Do you have Moe's or Chipotle?  Burrito bowls from either place can be a good choice as long as you skip the sour cream and cheese (and the chips, at Moe's).  
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