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Brides Against Breast Cancer Review (for those that wanted to know)

A few days ago somebody asked me to post my review of my experience at the BABC event this weekend in Houston, so here goes.

I went with one of my best guy friends ever, and it was actually kind of fun. They had a ton of gowns arranged by size and they seemed to have a good selection of each size and price range. Additionally, there were some other local vendors set up. There was an area baker, a linen rental company with some tables set up, etc. 

My friend and I were hoping to choose a veil, maybe pick up a crinoline, etc. but either they didn't have them or they were out by the time I got there (around 1pm). They did have a bunch of other stuff though like ring bearer pillows, veil combs, etc. but I didn't need anything.

Also, there was a dressing room. There was no stripping in front of everyone (which had me a little weirded out, especially because I was going with a guy). The rule was you could only have 3 gowns in the room with you at a time, but if you pulled 5 gowns, you could have your friend hold the additional 2. 

So, overall it was ok. They had a bunch of snacks set out as well. Overall the presentation was very nice, there were plenty of people to help out, and the dresses seemed to be in great condition (I walked around and looked just to see what they had despite already having a dress). 

My suggestions would be to take a friend with you, and go in the morning. 

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Re: Brides Against Breast Cancer Review (for those that wanted to know)

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