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Hi! I'm having a vintage insprired seaside wedding and was just curious as to what bridesmaid dresses you will be using. It's hard to find ones that are vintage looking. Thanks!!

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  • I can't help you out with vintage looking dresses (unless you order something from but my advice to you would be, It's all in the accessories!

    Have the girls buy a simple dress, and jazz them up with vintage necklaces, fascinators, purses, etc!  Find unique accessories from your inspiration era and voila!  Vintage bridesmaids!

    HTH. :)
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  • I wanted my girls to wear this from It was I think about $140. I was willing to pay for half though but then I found out my girls assumed I would be buying the dresses in full. So now they are wearing simple brown tea length dress from and dark ivory colored crochet shrugs.

  • just found this board tonight =)

    Anyway, here is my BM dress (with my ubercute sis/MOH). To me it feels very Betty Draper =)

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