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November, St. Louis, Outside?

Planning on having my wedding in November (early) in St. Louis- can't decide whether or not I can have it outside?..Some say it is too cold and some say go for it! I am not having a church wedding and as far as ceremony locations go, I am lost. 

Re: November, St. Louis, Outside?

  • tldhtldh member
    My cousin decided to risk an outdoor wedding in November because in Cincinnati, it can be a nice fall evening or a blustery winter night that month.  She lost.  At the last minute her wedding had to be crammed inside where the reception was held.  It just kind of loses something when the only thing in front of the B&G is a beige wall and when you look over your shoulder you see the buffet and tables.

    If you decide on an outdoor wedding, I'd be very sure to have a good backup plan.  I'm doing outdoors also but made sure it would be in a place where we could move it inside.  We're getting married at a historic B&B; if it rains, we'll just move into the front parlor.
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