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Louisiana-Baton Rouge

Venue reviews?

I'm an LSU alum currently living in Hawaii :)  Met my fiancee here, who is also from LA, and we want to come home to get married.  Trouble is, we're both active duty military and won't be able to come to Louisiana before the wedding except for next month, when we'll be home for ~ two weeks at Christmas. 

I've looked at the reviews here but those are mostly for the places people chose...would anyone mind giving me a quick rundown of the places they didn't choose, and why, and then why you decided on your eventual location?  We won't have much time to drive around looking at places, so we're trying to narrow down the places we physically look at based on what we know is important to us.


Re: Venue reviews?

  • stephmarie625stephmarie625 member
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    We are getting married next September at White Oak Plantation.   We also looked at Oak Lodge and LSU Faculty Club.   White Oak was our favorite for the wedding--- it is a very southern plantation style home.   Oak Lodge has a beatiful New Orleans kind of feel inside and we loved Faculty Club as well.   We actually decided to have our rehearsal dinner at Faculty Club.   I went to a bridal show a few weeks ago at the Old Governors Mansion and it was pretty too.   Not sure how many people you are going to be having.   The above places are a little bit larger---- i havent really looked at the smaller places only because we knew we would have more than 200 people.   I have narrowed down a few of my other vendors but havent made decisions on everything yet.   I know my photographer is Collin Richie.  He is great! you can view his stuff at www.collinrichiephoto.com. Let me know if you need anything else!  I am so jealous you are in Hawaii!  I love it there!!
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    Hi! Just wanted to leave some feedback. We looked at Forrest Grove in Denham Springs. The facility was ok and the staff was average. The lady we met with was rushing us, even though we showed up early. There wasn't much to it and the parking area is rough. The main room was decent and had a clean feel. They also had an area outside, but would have needed a lot of work for our taste. I didn't even go to Lake House on Old Hammond Hwy because my 3 closest friends went there before they got married for a consult and all 3 of them had staff that were rude...plus it is a little small. White Oak is beautiful and I have been to and been in weddings at White Oak and had a great time. For my fiance and I, it was too much for what they provide. John Folse's name adds a lot to the price. Also, we wanted something different than a plantation wedding. Hmm, where else did we go....oh Stage1 and The Gatehouse did not even return my phone calls, so we did not get to tour that facility, although I have heard it is nice. I have been to a wedding at Classic Connections. It was average. Basically, it was just like a big open room. But the bride chose it because she had a huge guest list with a smaller budget. My fiance and I eventually chose Oak Lodge. It is absolutely gorgeous in the main room with the oak and brick setting! And the staff are amazing!Hope all this helps and sorry for such a long post! 
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    Click on my bio--- I reviewed every vendor that I've met with, including the ones I didn't choose.
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