Premarrital Counseling Recommendations

Hi Everyone,

We are having one of my friends (who is a minister) marry us in May 2012.  In order to perform the ceremony, she requires 3 premarrital counseling sessions, that we will be taking in Baltimore/Hartford county area.  (She cannot perform them because we have been friends since Elementary school!)  Does anyone have any suggestions of a good person to contact?  I want to have it be worthwhile and increase our communication ability, since we will be paying for it, not someone who is just looking to collect money.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Premarrital Counseling Recommendations

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    We attended an Engaged Encounter. It's a weekend retreat. It's hosted by the Archdioses of Baltimore, so it is Catholic, but I must say they weren't really pushy... we did have to attend mass. You do not need to be Catholic to attend!

    It was an action packed weekend! Lots of writing. I didin't know what to expect, but it was great to take that weekend and focus on just us! it was great.
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