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Once guests buy gifts from our registries, do we need to keep adding things or should we just leave it alone?

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  • You can leave it alone unless you think of something new you want that you didn't add originally.  Most people give cash for the actual wedding.  I only give a physical gift for a wedding shower.
  • The cash v. tangible gift thing depends on your region. In the south, peopel give gifts for both shower and wedding.

    What do you think your guests normally do? If most of your guests normally give physical gifts for both occasions, then add as needed. Typically registries down here have 2x as many gifts as guests. 

    Make sure that you have a wide range of prices for all of your guests.
  • I would keep an eye on your registry.  You should try to keep a varying price range for people to be able to pick from.  In my area people usually only bring a present to the shower and give money at the wedding.  So after my shower I'm not going to worry about my register that much.  But if you think your wedding guests will be bringing a gift to the wedding as well then I would keep an eye on it up until the actual wedding.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Registry Question...</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Registry Question... : I agree with PP.  This is definitely a regional thing.  Here in the heartland, boxed gifts are given for both showers and weddings.  I personally think giving cash as a gift is tacky.
    Posted by Sleeper2013[/QUOTE]

    <div>You think giving cash is tacky?  Really?  I would much prefer to receive cash and buy my own stuff, or save it for something important.  This just seems strange to me.  I can understand how some people prefer to give physical gifts b/c in that case the person you're buying for doesn't know how much you spent.  But to say it's tacky is a little extreme.  </div>
  • We added a lot of things to our registry about halfway through once we realized that we hadn't registered for near enough, especially in a particular price range.
  • We'll watch our registry and add more things if we realize we forgot them or if our registry gets small.  Cash gifts are probably just as common at weddings as boxed gifts where we're from.  
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