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i am the worst procastinator ever . i have to be in a very special mood to actually do the stuff i need to do right away haha

what do you do to make yourself do hw assignments you dont want to do!

Re: procastinating

  • I make myself sit down and do them.  Or space them out with music or something else fun.  Like I'll study for one class then reward myself with two songs off my ipod I like (I can't listen to music and study at the same time).  I'm painting a cooler right now for my friend's 21st so I'll study a subject and then paint another part on the cooler.  You could always use wedding planning as a reward.  Tried that one too.  

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  • I try to reward myself.  I also try to turn off all distractions, like the internet.  But it doesn't always work lol.
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  • I also procrastinate.  However, I tend to reward myself.  Pending on how long the assignment is, I'll either do breaks or have to finish it before I let myself go online or go do something fun.
  • What I usually try to do is get all the distracting internet things out of the way first: aka when I turn on the computuer I set a small time limit to check emails, FB, here and other places; when that times up I start working. 

    I then, like ravenray said, turn off the internet, and I turn off the tv, (sometimes music too but I usually have that on for background) and just pull up what I need to work on. I try to set a schedule and say "okay I need to get X done by [time] and then I can take a break and do whatever." If I'm not done at the time I set I'll take a break but only to get water or stretch, and save the 'fun' break things like sitting on the knot for until I get done. 

    Usually a good strategy buut it's definitely not fail proof xD
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  • I also reward myself and I try to space my work out over the week so that I only have to do twenty or forty minutes on one thing and then I can move on to the next.
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  • I have to have music or the tv on when I study or do homework. It helps me focus on what I need to do. What I typically do is once I get home, I do my homework right then because I am still in school mode. It works like 80% of the time. The other 20% is when I get home and head to the kitchen or the living room first. The television is calling my name. It's telling me to watch Law and Order and enjoy a glass of chocolate milk! Oh geez.....I want chocolate milk now.
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