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Pearl's Place Issues????

Has anyone had major issues with Pearl's Place?  I bought my $2,500 wedding dress there in December.   I just got my dress in 2 weeks ago, and it DOES NOT FIT..way too small.  They are putting it on me that I gained 20 pounds.  I can guarantee you (and i'm not being ridiculous here) that I have gained NO weight.  They made me pay for the remainder of the dress in full, even though there is no way that I can wear it.  They are telling me that the manufacturer can't get a new dress in (my wedding is in October), and that I have the option of either buying a new dress or keepign this one, and that is it.  I am so dissapointed.  They took my meausrements, and suggested the size to order.  I am not a wedding dress maker, and don't know these things, so put my faith in them for them to only fail.  Has anyone had any similar issues?  Any suggestions of what to do? I am out $2500 with a dress that I cannot wear.  I am a size 6 in regular clothes, and they ordered me a 12 and it does not fit.  Either Pearls' took a wrong measurement, or they made the dress wrong...but they are not taking any blame and not offering to give me my money back, etc.?   I need help/suggestions.


Re: Pearl's Place Issues????

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    Is there any chance that you could lose enough weight to make it fit?  I can't think of anything other than that or buying a new dress.  You should check your receipt to see if you agreed to not hold them responsible if the dress doesn't fit when you signed the documents purchasing the dress.  You can always sue for breach of contract if there was nothing releasing them from liability. 
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    The problem is that where it is not fitting is in my rib cage.  I can't really loose any weight there, unless I get a rib removed!  :)  All my receipt says is that they cannot be held responsible if I get measured elsewhere or if I go with a size that they advise me against.  They measured me, and I went with the size they said.  It has become a disaster.   They did remeasure me, and said that I gained an inch there...but an inch does not change you two dress sizes, and I would think the professionals would allow for an inch gain or loss.  The sample, which is a size smaller, fits better..but they are saying that the samples stretch, so I can't go by that.  Again, I am not the professional here, and noone mentioned that when I had the sample on...and I don't think dresses stretch two whole sizes.  It is crazy.  I'm tempting to file a complaint at the BBB and get an attorney to write a letter.  At a minimum, I want my money back since the dress does not work, adn they can't get me a new one.  They are telling me, money back is not an option, even though it does not say that on my reciept.
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    I know you're distressed, but maybe an independent seamstress (independent of Pearl's Place!) can work wonders with your dress.  I'm guessing it doesn't lace up the back so perhaps you can gain the extra inch or two by converting it to a corset (which can give you some additional detail in the back, which is what people will mostly be seeing during your ceremony).  I saw an episode of Say Yes to the Dress where they got the gown to fit a girl who got pregnant halfway through her engagement after she ordered her dress and they had to completely alter the structure of the bodice to accomodate her baby bump.  Find an awesome seamstress and see what they say and don't lose any more sleep over it until you do.  Good luck!
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    My sister ordered a dress from there for her wedding. They ordered a size 20....trust me she does not wear a size 20. The dress pretty much fell off of her and they had to order a new one. She ultimately went and got one somewhere else and forfieted her depost. (She only ordered a BM dress in white so she didn't lose much)

    When I went shopping there they tried to get me to buy a dress that might have been too short when it came in by telling me that they could sew a strip of organza on the bottom of a dress. REALLY?! Luckily the seamstress can out and made a face when the girl helping me told her that.
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    Oh gosh, as soon as you said Pearl's Place I would have said that was a BIG no no.  That store has more problems than anyone can count!  I would get legal advice on that because that situation is unprofessional on their part.  It's a lot of BS that they can't get a new one in!  I got my dress from David's Bridal and it came in in a month!  Good luck girl.
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    I won't step a foot into Pearl's Place.  The sales people are the rudest that I have ever encountered, and I know way too many people that have had major issues there, including alterations that ruined dresses. I'm so sorry that no one warned you.  Could you possibly contact the manufacturer of the dress for help?  As a PP suggested, maybe you could take legal action, maybe small claims court? 
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    thanks.   As of yesterday, I did get a call saying that they are going to switch out the size.  It should be in in a few weeks.     Once Elaine got involved, things started to happen, so I am happy to hear they are getting a new dress for me.  I will let you know how it turns out.

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    I'm so glad your issues got worked out.  I went there over the weekend and it was kind of a nightmare.  I made an appointment on Monday and ended up having to wait like 1.5 hours to try on dresses.  It seems that they have a very specific selection of dresses.

    I actually had the best experience at Bridals by MaeMe.  Beautiful dresses, they are very attentive and everything is pretty well priced.  The only thing that I thought was odd, is a lot of their samples are size 2-4.  Fortunately I'm a small size, but other people won't be able to try them on.
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    I hear nothing but horror stories about that place....I've dealt with them when my sister got married....cant believe those people are still open.  I'm happy with my BEAUTIFUL dress from David's!!!! I would NEVER step in that place!
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    Pearls place is the WORST!!! The service is horrible. Good luck getting any cooperation from them. When I had an issue, the owner practically said Sh*t on you!
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    We had issues with Pearl's Place years ago, sorry to hear they have not improved.
    Hope you have found a GOOD seamtress, they can work wonders. My daughters dress was too big (but that was only one of our issues). 

    I sew; however, I only alter wedding dress for friends and family.....I would never do it for pay. A good wedding dress alteration is a labor of love. 
     A solution I made for a dress that was too small on the top was: small lacing from the waist to the under arm.  Understated but slightly decorative.  I made the lacings from round, nicely woven elastic and a hook and loop strip. The back of this dress was a major focal point, so this avoided a trying and extensive remake. The bride actually got praising comments about the unique lacing and said they made the dress more comfortable.

    Good Luck

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    Glad you solve the issue! PEARL'S PLACE has to be the rudest most ignorant place i went to! They would swear they are freking Kleinfield's and they r nothing but a trashy nasty old piece of crap i swear i got better service at DB's than there. The lady who i talked to had the worst attitude of superiority! Ive never been treated like that it, it was almost funny to think who does she think she is when not even at Saks they treat u liek that!
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