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I am looking for some ideas of what dto do for my wedding colors. I am going for a rustic country theme. I guess I am looking for any ideas!

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  • You could do various browns, blues and greens (sage.. not clover). We're doing a rustic wedding and my BMs are in canary yellow. Do a google image search for rustic weddings, they have great inspiration.

  • II have looked at so many things and colors and nothing is jumping at me. I am not really girly I had picked burnt orange and red to begin with but my wedding is in the summer and I just feel like they are too dark. Then I liked That means I cant start buying serten things until I pick them. My best friend is also getting married the same summer so I cant pick colors too much like hers
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  • Cantaloupe and olive green
    cantaloupe and chocolate brown
    coral and aqua
    yellow and grey
    yellow and chocolate
    Dusty pinks and greens
    Dusty purples and greens
    champagne and lavendar or mauve

    If you look at the David's Bridal website, colors from there that would work are Blush, Cocoa, Latte, Peach, Tangerine, Canary, Sunbeam, Willow, Honeydew, Pool, Cornflower, Silver, Freesia, Lilac, Orchid, Iris, Watermelon, Rose Petal, Pink and Coral Reef.

    Here are some links that might help

  • Burnt orange is a great color! Don't worry about it being too dark, I think you can pull it off as "summery". I know people who have used bright colors in the winter, dark colors in the spring/summer. That rule is out the window :)

    I actually picked my color because of my bridesmaids. I had no clue what color I wanted them to wear, and was flexible because our decor is all wood/sticks/mason jars/rocks. So the three of them came up with a color they liked, and hello, canary!
  • Ditto on burt orange being awesome :) 

    We're not having a rustic wedding, but our colors are plum and burnt orange - I could totally see these working well with weathered woods and other natural elements for a rustic vibe.  
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