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2nd wedding-registering for gifts.

This is my first post here, but I am curious.  My FI and have planned to get married in Florida on the beach in a small ceremony since it is a second wedding for both of us.  We are planning to have a reception for family and friends when we come home.  Is appropriate for us to register for gifts?
Thanks for your input.

Re: 2nd wedding-registering for gifts.

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    Yes it is, so register!!

    Congratulations and welcome!!
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    People are going to want to give you you might as well register for things you want!  I did!
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    Yep we also registered
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    We plan to.
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  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    Registering does not require anyone to bring a gift.  However, it gives people who want to bring a gift an idea of what kinds of things you would like.  As long as you follow the rules for registries that apply to all weddings (e.g., don't put registry information in the invitation), you're fine with having one.

    We didn't plan to have any registries.  However, when we sent out our invitations, the first thing our guests started asking was where we were registered, so we set some up.
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    Thank you for the help ladies.  I just wasn't sure what to do.  
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    I really don't want any gifts for my 2nd wedding..... so i do not want to regiter.  how do i handle this in the invitations?  Or do I let it go and if people ask then tell them?
  • AbbeyS2011AbbeyS2011 member
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    People will give you a gift if they want to - there is no way to avoid it.  It is rude to put in invites "No gifts please" as much as it is to add the registry info. in there.

    Best way to handle it if your guests ask would be to say, "Your presence is the best gift we can receive", but at the same time, have a basket or something for cards and well wishes available.

    We are registering - we are living together, but there are things I would like to upgrade and add.  For instance, I just noticed recently that we have no mixing bowls in the house, and I have lived there for over 2 years now LOL. 
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    I much prefer people to register. It's so much easier to buy a gift. (I only give $$ for wedding gifts but it seems lots of people like to give gifts) It's a lot better than receiving gifts that you really don't need or want.
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    Sure, register for a few things.  Why not?  Ladies on this board will tell you this is great progress on my part.  I stood firmly in the "I'm not going to register" camp for most of the time I've been on these boards.  Then I was reminded what we might receive from someone compelled to give a gift, without a registry to guide them ....

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