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hamilton courtyard marriott

Has anyone had their wedding here and can you share pictures?
Jenn & Jason
September 27, 2008
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Re: hamilton courtyard marriott

  • I haven't, but I do have my hotel block set up there & the hotel has been a nightmare.  Maybe I set up the block too early but I live out of town & set it up while I was in town working on other wedding things.  When I called in March to reserve our room I was told the entire hotel was sold out.  After telling them that's impossible because I had a hotel block & hadn't released the info yet, I was told they only had a few rooms left and no queen rooms.  My maid of honor encountered a similar problem when trying to make her reservation.  If there were another hotel in Hamilton I'd cancel my block and book it somewhere else.  If I were you I'd stay away.  I've been to other (non-wedding) events at the hotel and the food has never been good, always bland and lukewarm.
  • Is the Hamiltonian still around?  My niece had her wedding there, 16 years ago and it was wonderful!
  • I live in Hamilton!  IamTheMomma,,,the Hamiltonian was renovated into the Courtyard Marriott...My Mom works at Mercy Hospital and she has been to a ton of Christmas parties there..I don't know what it is like under the new ownership or if they still have receptions there.   When is it you are trying to book rooms? What month? I can't think of anything that brings in enough people to book all those rooms except for the Fire and Ice event but that is in the wintertime or the Soccer thing at Joyce Park...I just find it hard to believe that all hotel rooms would be booked up..this is a small town with not much happening..There is a nice hotel out by Mercy Hospital, I can not think of the name of it but it looks pretty good..it is in Fairfield back behind IHOP..you might want to look there?
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  • They do have wedding receptions there & there is one the weekend of October 5th.  I'm getting married October 6th at St. Julie's with a reception at the Fitton Center so I don't want to go any farther than I have to.  My issue with Courtyard has been telling people rooms were not available when clearly the hotel was not at full capacity 7 months in advance.  I'm not sure if they're still telling peopple this, but I guess I'll find out soon when the invites go out!

    They recently revamped the restaurant inside.  I can't find a menu online & my contact at the hotel has not emailed it to me despite several requests to do so.  (Though she never emailed me the menu for the old restaurant either so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.) 

  • Your right! They did change the restaurant, I just drove by there the other day and they had a sign hanging on the building..I had a friend who had the reception at the Fitton Center and it was beautiful!!!
    Cheryl (25) Andy (24) Newlyweds as of 8-17-12 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker pregnancy week by week
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