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New York-Hudson Valley

Venue Suggestions for Reception

Hi Girls. I am recently engaged and new to the knot (just signed up last week). I'm from NJ but interested in possibly having my wedding in NY along the hudson (Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, Westchester area) with about 300 invited guests.

I'm interested in the Abigail Kirsch property in Tarrytown --also have heard good things about Pearl River Hilton. Would love to get some feedback from anyone getting married or who has attended a reception at either of these venues.

Also curious to know if anyone has info/feedback on Osborne castle? Or any other venues that can hold 300 comfortable with a nice atmosphere. I'm looking for a nice venue with beautiful grounds and/or water view.

Any help you can offer is appreciated. And of course, congrats to everyone. I wish you best of luck with your wedding planning.


Re: Venue Suggestions for Reception

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    Hi! Congrats and welcome!

    For your guestlist - is that the invites or the number expected?

    Anyway, if thats' the number you are expecting (places that will hold 300 people):

    Abigail Kirsh at Tappan Hill
    Christos in Poughkeepsie
    Colonial Terrance in Cortlandt Manor
    Doral Arrowood in Purchase
    Doubletree in Tarrytown
    Fountainhead in New Rochelle
    Glen Island in New Rochelle
    Grandview (inside) in Poughkeepsie
    Greetree in New Rochelle
    Fishkill Holiday Inn in Fishkill
    Lake Isle in Eastchester
    Marina del Rey in the Bronx
    Marros* in Rye (*Jean Jacques is the caterer)
    Osborn Castle* in Garrison (*Jean Jacques is the caterer)
    Patriot Hills in Stony Point
    Poughkeepsie Grand (big room) in Poughkeepsie
    Surf Club in New Rochelle
    Tarrytown house in Tarrytown
    VIP in New Rochelle
    Villa Barone in Mahopac
    Villa Borghese in Wappingers Falls
    Westchester Manor in Hastings

    If you have 250, our venue (as well as others) can hold you. We had our reception at Putnam National Golf Club* in Mahopac. (*Jean Jacques is the caterer)


    I hope thats all of them! (I probably missed siome accross the river, I'm not too familiar with that area) Good luck! Hope this helps!
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    The View on the Hudson in Piermont is very nice and has beautiful views of the Hudson River and Tappan Zee bridge.

    The place that I booked has beautiful grounds and nice views as well as the NYC skyline on a nice day - it's called New York Country Club.

    Sorry, I don't know much about Westchester locations.
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    The View in Piermont is nice but will not hold 300 guests.  I got married at Patriot Hills and loved it.  Not sure it's what you're looking for, but we had a great experience with them!
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    I would take a look at Villa Barone Hilltop Manor in Mahopac , I am getting married there in Sept 2012  :) .

    both my sister and brother got married there (years apart)  , I can not even begin to explain how spectackular their pictures are , They place is amazing , They change / add something every year so theres always something differernt .
      They have a georgeous waterfront property for pictures too !

    check out the website     VillaBaroneHilltop.com 

    They can easily hold 300 people ,  Good Luck !!
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    I totally agree with pp, Villa Barone is really lovely. My sister had her reception there a few years ago and it was beautiful. Since then they've finished their renovations and it's gorgeous. The food was delicious and the service was great.

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    I went to a wedding at the Pearl River Hilton and loved it!! The food was really good and they have an awesome vienese spread. We were in the one ballroom and all of a sudden the doors on the dancefloor started to slide open and it was the biggest vienese spread I have ever seen. They had any type of desert you could think of. Also during the coktail hour they had all these different stations you could think of, it was sooo good. I wanted to get married there but I know it's expensive I want to say over $120 a plate so not sure what it is now. Good Luck!!
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    Hello fellow New Jersey-ite!

    I grew up in Westchester, so I always knew I HAD to have my wedding in the Hudson Valley. I remember seeing a wedding one day as a child, while I was at Bear Mnt. State park and saying "thats it--thats what I want"

    Our wedding isnt for more than a year, and we are doing the overlook lodge's hudson ballroom (the second largest venue on location), but so far everything has been going really well.

    The prices are really really low, though I think that might change once renovations are complete. (you cant see the renovations at all from our venue--we are totally up the mountain). And the proceeds go to help supporting the state parks.

    I dont know when you are having your wedding, since you would need the Inn itself (the largest venue), which is under renovation until 2012, I think, but maybe fall of next year.
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    Thanks everybody. You have all been extremely helpful!

    Really appreciate it :)
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