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Help don't know what to do

help. I have a friend who said she really want to helpwith my wedding she agreed to make the food for me. I wil pay for the food she will make it. She then stated she wanted to make my center pieces for the tables. Since then she doesnt want to take my phone calls . I can only leave messages on face book for her. I had some changes to the wedding and let her know about it. I change how I am doing the food which will be much easier for her and change theme as the wedding is in sept I felt this was ok. She hadn't started the center pieces yet so I didn't see the problem. I know she is very busy but invert frustrated tat sherefusesto dices anything with me.. My FI thinks I should drop her completely but I don't want to hurt her feeing and lose her what should ido

Re: Help don't know what to do

  • Is she a caterer normally? It is nice of her to offer, but unless she does this for a living or has the means and materials to make a meal for this large of a group and do it safely, I would probably politely decline her offer to make the food, especially if she is now not getting in touch with you.

    I might just tell her that you are so appreciative of her generous offer, but you really want her to just be able to enjoy your wedding as a guest, not work it as a caterer, and will be hiring someone else to take care of the food.

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  • Sorry about typo and wording. Auto correct was working overtime.
  • She I not a caterer . She was just going to help we r only having about 25 people. I change it to a dessert bar with appezterz which is much simpler. Thankss
  • Your wedding is in September--you need to chill out.  Why are you freaking out over menu and making centerpieces already?  However, having a friend to this is definitely high risk, especially if she has never catered an event before.  I'd suggest telling your friend that you've decided to go with xyz, but that you look forward to seeing her at the wedding.  Mixing business and friendship is almost always a bad idea, and I think you're starting to see that.  How long have you been trying to contact her?  If this has been going on for months, then you might have an issue, but if it's been less than two weeks, be patient.

    Also, I don't think auto correct is making your spelling that ridiculous, since it's not correcting things to correct spelling.  Slow down and take some time to at least use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammer, jeez.
  • She probably doesn't want to talk about your wedding that is so far away. For what it's worth, I think we 25 people, you can help her make trays of things the day or two before.

    Freebread- you can't correct someone else when you spell grammar wrong!

  • Ok I Can take a hint I will chill out. It's not worth losing a friend over. Thanks for the comments.
  • Hi I'm getting messages that I am ignoring messages. I don't want to do that and it's not on purpose how can I fix it.
  • Sounds like your friend is overwhelmed and doesn't know how to approach you about it.
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