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Honeymoon Suggestions in August! Hurricanses? Rain

We Are getting married next August.  I am nervous about going anywhere in the carribean because of hurrican season?  Any suggestions

Re: Honeymoon Suggestions in August! Hurricanses? Rain

  • Get travel insurance that covers changes/refund due to weather; then book wherever you want to go that you can afford

  • Some islands are outside of the hurricane belt.  Check those places out.
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  • As I mentioned in an earlier post today, think outside the box. There is so much more of the world to see other than the Caribbean! The Caribbean is so close and easily accesible that you'll most likely return there a lot over the years on future trips.

    Try looking into Hawaii, the west coast of Mexico, South America, South Africa, Europe, French Polynesia, Bali (which is surprisingly affordable), the Maldives, Australia, etc..
  • We've done Jamaica in August (twice) and just bought travel insurance each time.  Luckily we've never had a hurricane, so we've never had to use it but it was great peace of mind.

    My brother went to Aruba earlier this month (as a recommendation from our travel agent ) and really loved it.  His gf was super nervous about hurricanes, so they worked to pick a place that was less likely to get hit.  (We really like our travel agent and she has helped guide us to places we've enjoyed during hurricane season and beyond.  PM me if you'd like her info-- she's based out of Virginia, but I've always worked online with her).
  • I second French Polynesia.  Our weather was perfect all week the first week of August in Bora Bora.
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  • In the US I'd recommend the California coast. We went in mid September last year and the weather is lovely, no hurricanes, and in 14 days there we had 20 minutes of rain.
  • We went to Aruba Aug 6-12 and had maybe 3 hours of rain the entire trip. Aruba is outside the hurricane belt and is a constant mid/high 80s all the time.. it was perfect! And affordable!
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